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2K Games To Stream Its GamesCom 2011 Press Conference Live, Borderlands 2, Bioshock: Infinite Present

by Ernice Gilbert on August 11th, 2011, under GamesCom 2011, Hot, News

GamesCom 2011 is next week folks, expect big things. Big things like 2K Games bringing the heat with Borderlands 2 and Bioshock: Infinite, heat you’ll be able to feel live.

2K Games Fires The Redner Group After It Lashed Press Over Negative Duke Nukem Forever Reviews

by Ernice Gilbert on June 15th, 2011, under Hot, industry news, News

Duke Nukem Forever hasn’t been the recipient of good reviews. In fact, the reviews have been so harsh that the PR firm responsible for the game’s marketing, The Redner Group, acted out of emotion and lashed out on the press, saying things like ‘it’ll be reviewing who gets reviews moving forward’, and even calling said reviews “venom filled”. It’s gotten real bad and 2K Games decided to fire the firm.

Levine – “I Thought [Bioshock] Was Too Weird”

Before Bioshock came to PC and consoles, there was a lot going on behind the scenes. In fact, according to creator Ken Levine, the game stood the chance of not ever being published. But let’s get past all that because Bioshock’s turned into one of the most successfully franchises for Take-Two, and is now 2K Games bestselling title to date.

Levine, however, never thought it’d do so well as, according to him, the concept was just too weird.

Levine – It’s “Scary As Hell” Developing Bioshock Infinite

by Ernice Gilbert on March 27th, 2011, under Hot, News, PC, PS3, Rockstar, Xbox 360

The original Bioshock was one of the most unique titles ever developed. It still is. It’s essential a shooter with RPG overtones and this weird story that somehow manages to grab hold of you. Bioshock 2 is was a great game too, however it wasn’t developed by the creators of first, Irrational Games.

But the aforementioned studio is behind Bioshock Infnite, the third installment, and that game, according to creator and co-founder of Irrational Games Ken Levine, the development process is “scary as hell”.

Cliffy B: “I wanted To Hate [Bioshock 2]“

by Ernice Gilbert on June 5th, 2010, under 2K Marine, News

The first Bioshock was a well scripted title, all can agree to that. The second however, received many negative reactions from gamers who purchased the game, claiming it was not quite ‘Bioshock’.

And it couldn’t have been; there’s no easy way to make gamers feel the same way they felt about rapture in the first Bioshock, in fact it’s near impossible.

Cliff Bleszinski, Epic Games Design Director played the first and loved it, but the second, well let’s jsut say he had some issues with it.

In fact left up to Cliffy, he’d make Bioshock a “‘Shock’ franchise’”.

Gratitude: A Big Thank You To Game Developers, We Appreciate You

by Ernice Gilbert on May 21st, 2010, under Article, industry news

Gamers are a demanding crowd. Year after year developers work hard, harder than most other forms of entertainment to bring us what we want. For some reason we the gamers pay no mind to what goes on behind the scenes; all we’re interesting in is everything, and I mean everything being perfect. That’s a tall order considering how much effort, research, brainstorming and the likes that goes into making a great game.

But when last did we pause for a moment and really think about how much we take these developers for granted? And the thing is they never complain. Well I believe there’s a time for everything under the sun; and today I ask you to join me in saluting your favorite development team.

Do it after the read in the comments section but right now, we honor them:

2K Marin Working On An “Exciting Unannounced Project”

by Ernice Gilbert on January 29th, 2010, under Uncategorized

2K Games is an extremely busy studio working on multiple blockbuster titles simultaneously. However there seems to be something new and big cooking in the company’s labs that we don’t know about, something unannounced.