Saturday, September 6, 2014

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Playstation 4 operates at a lower temperature than Playstation 3


Sony’s PlayStation 4 has been passed by the FCC, which means the console is ready to be released in the American audience. Engadget reports that the accompanying documents reveal a “max clock frequency” of 2.75GHz, which gives us an idea of how much power the box is packing. The Playstation 4′s temperature is listed as juggling between 5 and 35 degrees ... Read More »

Sony Santa Monica To Unveil New Game At E3

god of war ascension

We’ve predicted this, but a little confirmation (rumor) always helps. According to Venture Beat, the God of War developer is set to stream the unannounced title during a live broadcast on Twitch next Tuesday, June 10th, after showing the game at Sony’s presser on the same day. Read More »

God Of War Developer Bringing PS4 Game To E3

god of war ascension

They’ve been quiet about PlayStation 4. In fact, Santa Monica has been quiet for a very long time, as we’ve known for a while that God of War: Ascension would be released, and was being developed in tandem with something else. What’s that something else, you ask? According to Santa Monica via twitter, “4 weeks to E3…” Read More »

Now Reviewing: God of War: Ascension (Update)

God of War_Ascension

Update: I’ve been playing the game since Tuesday, but it’s turned out longer than I expected, as I’m trying to get a thorough feel of the title, scouring every local. I’m almost to the end, by the way (27th chapter I believe), so I already have an overview of how I  feel the latest installment turned out. You’ll know my ... Read More »

God of War Developer: “We Will Blow You Away” With PS4 Hardware

god of war ascension

Sony Santa Monica won’t be creating another God of War game for a long time, as they’ll squarely be focused on Ascension in the near future, especially with the franchise’s first foray into multiplayer. But in the future, God of War will be on PS4, and according to the studio’s lead game designer Mark Simon, they’ll “blow us away” when ... Read More »