Saturday, September 6, 2014
Layoffs At Sony Santa Monica, New IP Canned

Layoffs At Sony Santa Monica, New IP Canned

Sony Santa Monica has seen some layoffs, and apparently the IP from God of War 3′s director has apparently been cancelled. What’s going on over there?

Jonathan Hawkins was a Lead Level Designer at Sony Santa Monica for over ten years and was one of the developers working on the new IP. He confirmed over twitter that said IP was cancelled along with the layoffs at Sony Santa Monica, adding to the assertion made by many that most of the developers that the studio made redundant were working said game.

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  • benzo

    It stinks that folks lost their jobs and that a new IP was cancelled. From what I have read, it seems as if the new game was going to be very similar to Destiny. Sony has been pushing Destiny recently , and perhaps internally they decided that at this time it would be a bad idea to bring the new IP out. I’m hoping that it resurfaces later in the console cycle. But it I feel for the folks who lost their jobs. I hope they land a job quickly. And as a sidebar, I am getting worried about the lack of AAA exclusives for PS4. I do enjoy the inde games, but Sony seems to be really pushing them, and I want AAA games and AAA new IP’s. Sony needs to come with more than The Order for exclusives.
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