Wednesday, April 17, 2013

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UK Charts – Bioshock Infinite Stays Number 1


A great game deserves great sales, so it comes as no surprise that Irrational Games’ Bioshock: Infinite remained number 1 for a second week running in the UK, as it should for the next couple of weeks, I reckon. Find the full list below the break. Read More »

Weekend Quencher: Infinite edition


Another weekend, another quencher. It’s been a big week for gamers, mainly because we got our hands on a game that infinitely made our generation more beautiful, a generation on its last legs. The pun was intended, and it’s hinting towards Bioshock Infinite, a truly magnificent game everyone should experience. It goes to show just how wrong some people are ... Read More »

Bioshock Infinite Developer Praises PS4


Ken Levine is the latest game developer to share his thoughts on Sony’s recently-revealed PS4, making known that he’s very pleased with the direction the company’s taken with its new console. One, he says, that’s more developer friendly. Read More »

Bioshock Infinite Season Pass Announced

Bioshock Infinite Achievements Leaked - Spoilers Inside

2k Games has announced Bioshock Infinite’s season pass, with developer Irrational Games confirming that three all-new add-on packs are now in development, which will be available as a package through the season pass or standalone, separate offerings if you so choose. Details inside. Read More »

Bioshock Infinite Achievements Leaked – Spoilers Inside!

Bioshock Infinite Achievements Leaked - Spoilers Inside

It seems  as though Gears of War isn’t the only victim of having it’s achievements leaked early. Bioshock Infinites Achievements have also been leaked. If you are wanting to know exactly what you can expect in terms of achievements for Bioshock Infinite, quench the Achievements below. If you want to avoid being spoiled, I would suggest not scrolling down any ... Read More »

Quenchables: Ken Levine Says Bioshock Infinite’s Ending “Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen”


“The plot actually gets more interesting as it goes on. The end of the game, I can’t tell whether people will like it or not like it. I can say it’s something we’re incredibly proud of. It’s like nothing you’ve actually experienced in a video game before. It’s unique and quite particular to this world, these characters and this franchise.” ... Read More »

No Multiplayer For Bioshock: Infinite


Back in August, it was reported that Ken Levine and the developer team at Irrational Games were having problems making sense of Bioshock: Infinite’s multiplayer. Now Levine’s confirmed that they’ve axed the idea altogether in a recent twitter post. Read More »

BioShock Infinite in-game goodies rewarded from a web game


By playing BioShock Infinite: Industrial Revolution, you will get access to a puzzle, web game, named BioShock Infinite: Industrial Revolution. To do that, you will need to pre-order from a participating retailer. In BioShock Infinite: Industrial Revolution, you go into the shoes of a factory worker within the sky-city of Columbia. You complete increasingly difficult puzzles while learning more about ... Read More »