Wednesday, May 15, 2013
Bioshock Infinite Suffers Frame-Rate, Visual Issues On Consoles

Bioshock Infinite Suffers Frame-Rate, Visual Issues On Consoles

IGN will have an exclusive review of Bioshock Infinite before any other news outlet, and in the website’s “Ongoing Review”, a lot of important tidbits have been revealed, including information that’ll upset some: the game suffers from frame rate and other issues on consoles, more specifically Xbox 360.

That’s according to IGN Editor Ryan McCaffery, who gave console gamers this warning:

Let me warn you console players up front: unlike its jaw-dropping-in-2007 predecessor (I’m not counting BioShock 2 here, as that wasn’t our first trip to Rapture), BioShock Infinite does not have the same technical wow-factor going for it. Yes, Columbia is stunning from a scale, scope, and art-direction perspective, but on a raw graphical level it is a bit underwhelming on the Xbox 360 version I’m starting with.

McCaffery also mentions ”muddy and low-resolution textures” and “noticeable frame-rate dips,” comparing the game to last year’s Dishonored and its similar frame-rate and texture drawbacks.

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  • nick

    pretty disappointing considering how many times the games been delayed!
    oh well, i was getting it on PC anyway.
    hopefully this wont be a crappy console port!
    and nvidia, for the love of god, SLI PROFILES!!!!!!!!!!!
    disgusting how many games are unplayable for weeks after launch simply because nvidia has not released SLI profiles for them!
    there slowly killing PC gaming!

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