Sunday, September 14, 2014
Killzone Shadow Fall PS Meeting Demo Used 3GB Of RAM

Killzone Shadow Fall PS Meeting Demo Used 3GB Of RAM

Did you see the Killzone: Shadow Fall gameplay video that was demoed at the PlayStation Meeting in February? It’s below the break if you didn’t. The game looked better than anything we’ve ever seen on consoles, and although PS4 boasts 8GB of GDDR5 RAM, the fastest and most efficient on the market, the stunningly-detailed Killzone: Shadow Fall demo used a mere 3GB of it. The sky’s the limit, it seems.


Games that release early in a particular generation are never able to completely utilize the new machines, something that’s completely understandable. It’s usually in the fourth and fifth years that new grounds are broken. Guerrilla Games however, are looking to be early masters of the PS4.

Via Digital Foundry’s twitter.

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  • Dakan45

    Back in 2005 that ps3 came out, most pcs had
    256mb-512mb of ram. There werent any pc cards that were as powefull as
    the consoles. Then 8600gt came out with 1gb ram but ram doesnt make the
    gpu better, so 8800GTX came out and it was more powerfull than the

    Since then pc gpus have been 2gb- 6gb. Due to the low
    ram on consoles, games have small maps and use streaming, you enter a
    linear area and the game closes the door behind you, unload resources
    and load the new ones. Eg dead space. Take a looh how small the maps
    where in bioshock infinite compared to the original.

    So if
    killzone dawnfall already uses 3gb of ram, which is clearly not used
    ONLY for video but also for processing just like pcs use ram and vram.
    It means that there is 4gb of ram left (since the os will have to use
    atleast 1gb) So in the future we will find ourselfs into the same
    problem, pcs will gradually get more ram and consoles will have low ram
    so they will make again games with small maps and streaming. Sad thing
    is pcs are more powerfull NOW.

    So much for “next gen”