Monday, May 27, 2013
Quenchables: Tomb Raider DLC Will Be Multiplayer-Based

Quenchables: Tomb Raider DLC Will Be Multiplayer-Based

“There are currently no plans in place for any single player expansions. All of our DLC is based around the multiplayer experience for now.” Tomb Raider’s global brand manager Karl Stewart - Via Reddit AMA, Eurogamer and Videogamer.

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  • nick

    this is such a awesome game it really could of benefited from a expansion pack!
    this is EXACTLY why people get pissed when a SP only game gets MP!
    1 it eats away at the development budget and time.
    2 100% of the time a game gets MP, its DLC is always restricted to MP.

  • Ghost250

    LOLOLOLOL i’m sorry crystal dynamics but no one wants to play that bum ass multiplayer. i can’t stand games these days with their shoe-horned multiplayer. another thing i can’t stand where they make multiplayer trophies and say you have to get level 50 or something just to get the platinum. multiplayer trophies are the worst.

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