Monday, June 3, 2013
Weekend Quencher: Infinite edition

Weekend Quencher: Infinite edition

Another weekend, another quencher. It’s been a big week for gamers, mainly because we got our hands on a game that infinitely made our generation more beautiful, a generation on its last legs. The pun was intended, and it’s hinting towards Bioshock Infinite, a truly magnificent game everyone should experience. It goes to show just how wrong some people are when they say that video games are only nonsensical fun, and not even art. No, video games are much more. They can give us lots of views on different, mature themes, and puzzling ways to play through their stories. And as with a favorite game of mine — Okami — that landed on our Playstation 2′s in 2006, on that generation’s end, Infinite comes to send this generation out with a bang, as well.

So, what are your thoughts on this week’s news? From Battlefield 4 to Playstation 4 and Metal Gear Solid V, we had you covered. What was the most interesting thing you saw this week? What are your plans for the weekend? I know I’ll be playing that controversial shooter, Army of TWO, simply because I want to give you an honest review and show the world it’s not as bad as others make it seem — or at least, if it is, then it’s not fairly judged against others who do the same things.

Unleash your quenchers below, fellow Gamesthirstians!

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  • Alex Mason

    I just have so many bloody games to play right now and I want to get MGS 4 from my friend since I finished MGS 2 and am playing MGS 3 right now, I can’t believe how good this franchise is and why I did not start earlier. I still have to play MGS 1, but I do not have the funds to buy it yet. I will get it in time though.

    For now I’m just studying for my CIE examinations. Have a good one guys!

  • benzo

    Battlefield 4 looked AMAZING!!!! I went and preordered that the following day lol! First in line at opening!

    I’m still playing Far Cry 3,and have Bioshock Infinite plus GoW Ascension waiting lol. Love the new site folks!!!!

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