Wednesday, May 15, 2013
Sony Knows PS4′s Launch Date

Sony Knows PS4′s Launch Date

Sony started work on PS4 in earnest immediately after PS3 was launched, so it’s no happenstance that the firm has made known that it knows exactly when it’ll launch the new console.

Speaking to Edge while reflecting on Sony’s PlayStation Meeting in New York City this past February, Sony’s Worldwide Studios vice president Michael Denny said:

We know our launch date, and we think it’s very important that gamers receive that new console experience.

With that in mind, we just thought it was the right time to set the vision and set the agenda in New York.

Sony’s yet to announce a firm release date for PS4 to the public, but it’s good to know that the company has planned out its entire strategy ahead of time, just like a good company should. It also makes us all the more excited about the games coming to the system that we have no idea exist yet.

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