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2K Games Fires The Redner Group After It Lashed Press Over Negative Duke Nukem Forever Reviews

by Ernice Gilbert on June 15th, 2011, under Hot, industry news, News

Duke Nukem Forever hasn’t been the recipient of good reviews. In fact, the reviews have been so harsh that the PR firm responsible for the game’s marketing, The Redner Group, acted out of emotion and lashed out on the press, saying things like ‘it’ll be reviewing who gets reviews moving forward’, and even calling said reviews “venom filled”. It’s gotten real bad and 2K Games decided to fire the firm.

Jason West And Vince Zampella Won’t Ever Be Successful Again Claims Kotick

My mom has always said nothing surprises her anymore; and as I continue to live, I’m beginning to realize what she means. People do things you never thought they’d do, and some say things that’s just totally uncalled for, and irrelevant.

The latest to blast off with loose words is Activision boss Bobby Kotick, claiming the two men he fired from Infinity Ward won’t ever be successful again.

Chaos At Infinity Ward, Studio Bosses No Longer Employed

by Ernice Gilbert on March 2nd, 2010, under Apple, industry news

And you thought the ApocalyPS3 was crazy? It’s not over; the weird happenings in the industry continues. Call of Duty developer, Infinity Ward, is up in smoke as we speak.