Saturday, September 6, 2014

Respawn Entertainment

Thirsty Conversations? What Happened To Titanfall?


Titanfall was the most hyped game by far going into what’s now new-gen, with every single outlet hailing the title as the next step in fps evolution. It’s also exclusive to Xbox platforms and PC, and Microsoft spent big money promoting the title as the next big thing that’s ‘only available on Xbox’. Since that time, however, the hype has ... Read More »

No Season Pass For Titanfall


Respawn Entertainment, owning the Titanfall IP, has decided to forego the traditionally money-grabbing playbook that publishers so often utilize by announcing that their upcoming title won’t include a season pass. You should, however, standby for Titanfall DLC. Read More »

Respawn’s New Game Is An FPS, It Seems


Although Jason West and Vince Zampella’s new studio hasn’t official announced the title it’s working on, nor the genre it’s in, the development house has somewhat confirmed that the game will indeed be a first-person shooter. Read More »