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Video Thirst: Ubisoft’s First Driver Reboot Movie Goes Live

by Ernice Gilbert on June 7th, 2010, under News, Ubisoft

The first video of Ubisoft’s Driver reboot has gone viral. Taste the epidemic after the break.

Ubisoft Teasing Secret New Title

by Ernice Gilbert on June 3rd, 2010, under News, Ubisoft

Ubisoft is teasing a brand new title it’s working on. Find the image past the break.

Gratitude: A Big Thank You To Game Developers, We Appreciate You

by Ernice Gilbert on May 21st, 2010, under Article, industry news

Gamers are a demanding crowd. Year after year developers work hard, harder than most other forms of entertainment to bring us what we want. For some reason we the gamers pay no mind to what goes on behind the scenes; all we’re interesting in is everything, and I mean everything being perfect. That’s a tall order considering how much effort, research, brainstorming and the likes that goes into making a great game.

But when last did we pause for a moment and really think about how much we take these developers for granted? And the thing is they never complain. Well I believe there’s a time for everything under the sun; and today I ask you to join me in saluting your favorite development team.

Do it after the read in the comments section but right now, we honor them:

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Pushed Back To 2011

by Ernice Gilbert on May 19th, 2010, under News, Ubisoft

It’s a crowded FPS year, then again every year is a crowded FPS year. But this year in particular will see a plethora of FPS titles released and some of them are big names. They include Crytek’s entry into the console market with Crysis 2, Bungie’s swang song Halo: Reach, Sony’s Resistance 3, EA’s Medal of Honor, and Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops just to name a few.

According To Ubisoft, 50% Of Games Will Be 3D-enabled In The Next 2 Years

by Ernice Gilbert on May 19th, 2010, under 3D Gaming, News

Some folks criticized Sony when the giant announced that it’d dive face-deep into the 3D space by implementing a firmware update making the PS3 3D compatible. I guess no one’s laughing now, especially not Ubisoft. The publisher has said that in the next 2 years, roughly 50% of games will be 3D-enabled.

That’s a huge percentage.

God Of War Stole Players Away From Prince Of Persia Says Ubisoft

by Ernice Gilbert on March 25th, 2010, under Ubisoft

Kratos is not only a god slayer, apparently. He’s also a thief who stole players away from the Prince of Persia franchise and hauled them to God of War, contends Ubisoft.

Splinter Cell: Conviction Stealthily Comes To Xbox Live

by Ernice Gilbert on March 18th, 2010, under PC, Ubisoft, Xbox 360, Xbox Live

Rejoice SC fans, Ubisoft has put up on Xbox Live Marketplavce a Splinter Cell: Conviction demo.

Splinter Cell: Conviction Demo Confirmed

by Ernice Gilbert on March 12th, 2010, under PC, Ubisoft, Xbox 360

Max Beland, creative director for Splinter Cell: Conviction has confirmed that before the game is released on April 16th for Xbox 360 and PC, a demo will be made available.

Video Thirst: Dear Ubisoft, Take Gabe Newell’s Advice

by Ernice Gilbert on March 9th, 2010, under Ubisoft, Valve

You should be aware of what happened to Ubisoft’s DRM over the weekend, it went down and rendered two of the publisher’s games: Assassin’s Creed II and Silent Hunter V unplayable for some users.

Splinter Cell: Conviction Xbox 360 Bundle Announced!

by Ernice Gilbert on March 2nd, 2010, under Ubisoft

Today, Microsoft announced its brand new bundle, and Splinter Cell: Conviction is the new star.

For Ubisoft, Splinter Cell On PS3 Is A Possibility

by Ernice Gilbert on March 2nd, 2010, under Ubisoft

Max Beland of Ubisoft has told Edge that Splinter Cell will probably end up coming to PS3 and other platforms after Conviction is released in April.

“Big News” Will Come From Ubisoft Soon For R.U.S.E

by Ernice Gilbert on March 1st, 2010, under Ubisoft

Come this Wednesday, Ubisoft will release some “big news” for its upcoming RTS title, R.U.S.E.

Splinter Cell: Conviction Listed As Coming To PS3 And Xbox 360 At Blockbuster

by Ernice Gilbert on February 24th, 2010, under Ubisoft

Splinter Cell: Conviction will be available on the Xbox 360 and PC in April, Ubisoft has consistently made it clear that the game is a true 360 exclusive, but are they telling the truth?

This Thursday, ACII DLC Bonfire Of Vanities Will Be Released

by Ernice Gilbert on February 17th, 2010, under Playstation 3, Ubisoft, Xbox 360

Through a tweet, Ubisoft has confirmed it’s releasing the second piece of DLC, Bonfire and Vanities, for Assassin’s Creed II this Thursday.

Video Thirst: An Armada Of Splinter Cell: Conviction Movies

by Ernice Gilbert on February 12th, 2010, under PC, Ubisoft, Xbox 360

After the break are four direct feed videos of what will be the biggest Splinter Cell title yet, Conviction. They’re spoiler ridden folks.

Come with me only if you care to.