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Nintendo Q3 Profit Drops 46 Percent, Company Cuts Forecast

by Ernice Gilbert on January 27th, 2011, under News, Nintendo

While the Nintendo 3DS may give life to company’s struggling model, the firm’s forced to cut its sales forecast for the Wii to 1.5 million units, down to 16 million, and for the DS 1 million units, down to 22.5 million.

Odd timing too, as all this happens in the wake of Sony’s super-powered PSP2 announcement, now called Next Generation Portable (NGP), and it’s plan to bring PlayStation content to Android phones and other devices.

Nintendo 3DS Will Launch On March 27th In US For $249, Europe March 25th(Update)

by Ernice Gilbert on January 19th, 2011, under 3D Gaming, 3DS, Hot, News, Nintendo

Update: The 3DS will sell for £229.99 in the UK according to retailers HMV and Game. With Amazon France and GameStop having listed a European price of €249.99.

Big news coming out of both New York and Amsterdam today, as Nintendo holds simultaneous events promoting its latest handheld machine. The big news? The system’s release date and price has been announced. It’ll land in the U.S. on March 27th for the decent price of $249, and in Europe on March 25th. No price has been announced for the latter region.

Video Thirst: Watch Nintendo Amsterdam Event Right Here Now

by Ernice Gilbert on January 19th, 2011, under 3D Gaming, 3DS, Live, News, Nintendo

You’re in love with everything Nintendo eh? We’ll we’re giving you a bucket full of news to quench your thirst as it happens.

Watch the company’s entire Amsterdam event now, where, amongst other things, some big reveals should happen.

Hit the link.

3DS To Ship In Two Different Colors

by Ernice Gilbert on January 19th, 2011, under 3D Gaming, 3DS, Hot, News, Nintendo

Nintendo’s getting ready to make some big announcements at the event its housing in Amsterdam, but even before that happens, some interesting tidbits have already leaked out.

Nintendo Confirms 3DS Region-Lock

by Ernice Gilbert on January 18th, 2011, under 3D Gaming, 3DS, Hot, News, Nintendo

It was a rumor just last week, but Nintendo’s come out and confirmed that its new Handheld, the 3DS, will feature region-lock. That’s right folks, no imports.

Rumor Water: 3DS Will Be Region-Locked Confirms Nintendo Japan

by Ernice Gilbert on January 11th, 2011, under Hot, News, Nintendo

Planned on purchasing a 3DS? Planned on importing some of those awesome Japanese games to play on it? Stop dreaming, Nintendo Japans’s apparently confirmed that its latest handheld will be region-locked. Basically you’ll only be able to play games purchased on the local you’re in.

It’s a damned shame.

Nintendo Will Ship 4 Million 3DS Units By March

by Ernice Gilbert on January 10th, 2011, under Hot, News, Nintendo

Analysts across the board are hailing Nintendo’s upcoming revolutionary handheld gaming device as the industry’s ace for 2011, and riding the moment, Nintendo’s planning to ship 4 million units by March.

That’s no shabby number.

All You Need To Know About The Nintendo 3DS

by Ernice Gilbert on January 10th, 2011, under Hot, News, Nintendo

Nintendo recently held an event in Japan known as Nintendo World, with most of the news being 3DS-centric. The launch lineup was divulged, new videos, and some screens of what might be 2011′s biggest industry mover were announced.

Get the full quencher past the break.

Biggest Year In Gaming History Will Be 2011, Massive Game Release Schedule Unveiled

by Ernice Gilbert on January 5th, 2011, under Hot, Microsoft, News, Nintendo, Sony

You know what? I’ll call it: 2011 will usher gaming into new realms. From 3D gaming, the Kinect revolution, which, by the way, technology developer PrimeSense is taking to PCs. We have the PSP2, the 3DS and probably the WiiHD or Wii2 coming all this year. That’s on the hardware side of things alone.

As for software, 2011 trumps all the years before it like a bulldozer ridding a piece of land of its grass. This year alone we’ll have Killzone 3, Gears of War 3, another Call of Duty, not to mention Black Ops DLC. Bulletstorm, Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, inFamous 2, Dead Space 2, Mass Effect 2 and so on.

Thankfully, GameInformer’s forged up a massive list featuring a release schedule for all platforms this year, including the DS and PSP. Apparently, according to the author, Far Cry 3 will be released in August of this year. Don’t know where he got that from so we’ll have to wait to hear more.

Either ways, hit the link, I think you’ll get to understand better why gaming’s all the buzz this year, and why it’ll leave many a gamer broke. Dead broke.

Video Thirst: 3DS Off Screen Footage Of Resident Evil, Ridge Racer And More

by Ernice Gilbert on October 26th, 2010, under News, Nintendo

That 3DS? It wins big. Japanese TV show MXTV has broadcast off-screen gameplay footage some of the handheld’s biggest games including The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

They’re more than worth a watch.

For Most Of Japanese Gamers, The 3DS Is Too Expensive

by Ernice Gilbert on October 12th, 2010, under Hot, News, Nintendo

See, we’re not the only ones who believe Nintendo’s pulling a fast one on here; because according to a recently conducted survey, the vast majority of Japanese gamers feel that the 3DS is priced extremely high.

3DS Might Not Be Able To Handle Unreal Engine Says Rein

by Ernice Gilbert on October 7th, 2010, under Epic Games, Hot, News, Nintendo

Although the iPhone can, Nintendo’s 3DS is not up to par with the Unreal Engine’s minimum specifications, and Epic Games has no plans of building one specifically for the handheld.

Still, it’s just an assumption, since neither Rein, or anyone else at Epic for that matter, has received a 3DS, so for now, they can’t tell for sure.

3DS To Fight Piracy Through Firmware Updates

by Ernice Gilbert on October 1st, 2010, under Hot, News, Nintendo

Piracy has been a problem for Nintendo, but the company said the 3DS will be able to combat this somehow, via means of firmware updates.

A List Of All Confirmed 3DS Launch Titles

by Ernice Gilbert on September 30th, 2010, under Hot, News, Nintendo

Nintendo truly knows content is king, so do the publishers hoping to cash in on the 3DS’s popularity, hoping to rake in millions once the handheld is finally launched.

The companies on board thus far, with games confirmed for launch are past the break.

Video Thirst: MGS: Snake Eater Coming This Spring, E3 Trailer’s Live

by Ernice Gilbert on September 29th, 2010, under Hot, Kojima Productions, Konami, News, Nintendo

The 3DS is not only a revolutionary piece of hardware, it’s also extremely powerful. The visuals displayed on the screen’s extremely beautiful face-to-handheld — even more so in 3D.

But technology, for now, won’t allow you to enjoy the latter through your PC, laptop or mobile device, so to make this seem more real, just imagine everything’s popping out at ya. Yes, snakes, alligators, bullets, trees, fists and what not.

Konami’s revealed that the “revival” of the PS2 blockbuster, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, will see its 3D release on Nintendo’s handheld in Japan next spring.