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Nintendo #1 Japanese publisher for first half of 2013

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Tremendous victory for Nintendo, who was the most soccessful publisher in Japan for 2013′s first half, jumping over closest rival Namco Bandai by a margin the size of 1.71 million – more sales than anyone outside the top three even made. Going by platforms, the 3DS hugely outsold the rivals, with Animal Crossing: New Leaf being the top performer despite ... Read More »

Playstation Store update coming October 17, looks sweet


Sony revealed a redesigned Playstation Store today, which not only looks like a brand new beast, but also functions a whole lot differently — and better for the users. The user interface is broken into sections for games, TV and movies on the front page, while the whole concept will revolve around a “Hero”; doing away with the old, Playstation-themed ... Read More »

TC: PSP Is About To Die, Will You Miss It?


Sony’s letting loose massive ad campaigns in the U.S. and Europe for its new baby, PS Vita, and as soon as the hype train is in gear, PSP will be left for dead. Will you miss it? I won’t…just saying… Let’s talk, do it here: The Official Games Thirst Memorial. Read More »

GTA Vice City Stories For Free

It’s not every time a customer should “buy” products. I reckon, there are times when stuff should be given us for free. Lucky day, boys and girls. Today’s your day to pick up some GTA goodies for free. Read More »

PSP Beats 3DS In Japan

The 3DS was supposed to eternally and universal lay Sony’s veteran PSP to rest. At least in Japan, and the first week the new handheld console went on sale, you think it’d do just that. But that’s not the case at all. In fact in a rather surprising turn of events, Sony’s PSP is not only staying in the race, ... Read More »

PS3 Leads Xbox 360 In Europe, Different Story In U.S.

And the console wars continue. Information just released shows Sony’s PS3, even after releasing a full year after Microsoft’s Xbox 360, leads the latter by a decent amount of units in Europe. However in the biggest market of them all, where most software are sold, a reversal of fortunes has occurred. Find the numbers past the break. Read More »

Weekend Quencher 03/25/11 – A Growing Site, Edition

If something is well taken care of, it will grow. Look at flowers and how they blossom. Don’t you know it’s because they receive the right amount of water why their leaves are so welcoming? Think of a child. It’s born, and with adequate food it grows into, well, me and you – we were all once children natured by ... Read More »

Gaming News Overflow

Literally hundreds of articles and news pieces concerning games hit the web daily. Some are important, most are rubbish. We’ve linked the big stories not found here just so your thirst could be thoroughly quenched. We’ll simply call it “Gaming News Overflow”. They’re all past the break. Read More »


You know a child’s special as soon as it starts growing, and the more you see that baby, the more optimistic you become. “She’s a prodigy!”, you yell with joy sending tears to your eyes, “Hollywood here we come!”. For NGP though, the scream will sound more like “Finally, Sony gets PSP right!” I could hear it now. The media ... Read More »

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