Games Thirst Review – Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter

Somehow, dinosaurs have risen again and a lone hunter has been dispatched to destroy them. Originally released for the PC in 1999, Carnivores 2 has been ported over to the PSP and PS3 as Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter. Does this classic hunting title still hold up today?

Platforms: PSN

Developer/Publisher: Beatshapers

I’ll start off by saying that even though Carnivores: Ice Age came out after Dinosaur Hunter, this one is definitely the superior of the two games.

In Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter you assume the role of an unnamed anonymous hunter who goes out into open-world environments where you proceed to hunt down and destroy various animals. These dinos range from the smaller Raptors to the king of the carnivores, the T-rex.

Before each hunt takes place, you are given the choice of which map you wish to explore and which load-out you want to equip. The maps in this game are decent considering it’s age and lush enough to look attractive. Unlike in Carnivores: Ice Age where every map is full of snow, Dinosaur Hunter’s environments take place during the other seasons meaning you aren’t looking at nothing but white all the time.

The weapon load-out is exactly the same as in Ice Age, no difference whatsoever which is a bit of a disappointment. You start out with a pistol and gradually work your way up to bigger and better weapons like rifles and snipers. I would have liked to have had a better variety of weapons to use and the ability to actually customize the weapons would have been a nice touch. You’re also only allowed to choose from four different equipment load-outs including scent masking and camouflage, exact same as Ice Age.

The same graphical glitches that take place in Ice Age are evident here. Trees and bushes change shape as you approach them, objects like logs and rocks float in mid-air, and no bullet holes or impact graphics make it impossible to tell if you’re actually hitting the dinosaurs when you fire.

Essentially, Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter and Carnivores: Ice Age are the exact same game but with different levels and and different dinosaurs. If I had to suggest one over the other I would say go for Dinosaur Hunter. It’s an easier game to play and you won’t find yourself dying every 5 minutes.  There is another Carnivores game in the series called Carnivores: Cityscape that has yet to be released on the PSN so hopefully Beatshapers will release that game and I’ll be able to say it was a bigger improvement then this one.

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