Friday, August 29, 2014
Battlefield 3 Double XP Weekend In Full Swing

Battlefield 3 Double XP Weekend In Full Swing

Battlefield 3 premium players are waging war and getting double the XP points they’d normally get during play, as DICE has made exclusive the bonus for those who bought the package. Did you buy BF3 Premium? If yes, go rake in some points, soldier. It ends tomorrow.

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  • Mezzo

    I’ll be taking advantage of this later tonight.

  • nick

    exactly why so many people are so pissed about it!
    your suppose to be rewarding EVERYONE who bought your game, not just those who are willing to fork over more money.
    disgusting how greedy and unappreciative this industry has become!!!!!!!!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yeah. NOT encouraging at all. At least they should make this available for those who bought CQC, too. Not just those who purchased the premium package.

  • nick

    not even the DLC, whole point of double XP is to thank people for putting their time and money into the game!
    why should you have to put more money into it?
    money grubbing selfish %$#@#$%$#@!!!!!!!!!