Monday, September 1, 2014
Thirsty Conversations: PS4 And Xbox 720 Launching Next Year, Are You Excited?

Thirsty Conversations: PS4 And Xbox 720 Launching Next Year, Are You Excited?

The seventh generation of videogame consoles is coming to an end to make room for the more powerful machines, notably PS4 and Xbox 720. The ride thus far has been a thrilling one, especially if you owned a PS3, where exclusive experiences like the Uncharted games, Heavy Rain, Killzone 2 and 3, and God of War 3 wowed gamers. Xbox 360 players have enjoyed many a great experiences too: Halo: Reach and the Gears of War franchise being the most notable. Let’s not forget the multiplatform games – this generation has blessed gamers with some of the biggest and most enthralling experiences in the game’s industry, but as next year draws closer, we can’t help but get excited.

There will be new experiences, new technology, more powerful machines and new ways to play. This may sound a bit crazy but I’m more excited about Killzone 4 than anything else Sony or Microsoft will show. Yes, I am. But honestly, new machines have been overdue, and come next year, we’ll finally get what we’ve been asking for: PS4 and Xbox 720.

So here’s the question: As 2013 comes closer, are you excited about what’s to come?

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    ahhh shiiitt, cant wait for them to come out, im def getting the 720 first then later down the road the ps4!

  • Ghost250

    no not really

  • benzo

    I am not so excited about the initial investment…but the games and new IPS…Im amped. Gonna kick myself later, but PS4 day 1 and new xbox maybe the following spring after its release. The new IPs this generation have been excellent. From Gears of War to Uncharted it been awesome. I expect more and more new IPs at launch for the next gen!!!!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Shadow: Awesome beans, man, I’m ready for next gen. PS3 first.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Ghost: Why not, bro? It’ll be exciting times!!! Oh, maybe because Celtics lost and HEAT WON!!!!!!!! Haha

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Benzo: I hear ya, man. That initial investment will be a tough one indeed. But it’s day one, or free from Sony for me :D

  • amdfan81

    Excited about next gen? From a tech and gamer perspective – Absolutely. From a financial position. Not exactly. Hopefully my Ps3 will give me 2 or 3 years more enjoyment

  • Mezzo

    YES, i am indeed very excited. I have had a PS3 for well over 5 years now & an Xbox 360 for over 2 years, i am so burned out by the same tech, same limitations.
    I could have gone another 2 years happily with Current Gen, but seeing how PC is knocking out these gorgeous looking games, i cannot wait to see/play games looking just as good as those PC title. (Or Maybe Better Looking)
    For example, BF3 on PC is not only much more gorgeous than Console version, but it also has a 32/32 Multiplayer, while we Console gamers have been restricted to 12/12, this is 1 of many example’s that we need a new hardware.

  • Mezzo

    Plus ‘PS4 Release’ means ‘Killzone 4 Release’, so hell yeah, bring on the Next Gen.
    I’ll be very, very disappointed if both the Next Gen Consoles aren’t out by Q4 2013.

  • nick

    the wallet?
    ahhhhhhhhh, no!
    really funny i had a dream last night where apple joined the battle and rained supreme simply because of the immense support for the apps store.
    not that it will ever happen, but come to think of it id love to see that actually happen!
    one thing $ony REALLY needs to take advantage of!
    ive been saying it ever since they bought out Ericsson.
    imagine the stranglehold $ony could have on the market if they brought the android store over to the vita and ps4, and also brought the PS store to more phones.
    especially the vita, dont really want to play games like N.O.V.A 3 on my 50″ TV, but they would be perfect for the vita!
    $ony has started up the certified branding for mobiles letting certain android phones onto PSN, so why not consoles on android?
    it would be a massive advantage for them, having both the AAA games we know and expect from the company, the unique innovative niche titles PSN is known for, and then if there a little too expensive for you than you have the mobile games also.
    one thing $ony really needs to get a move on!
    vitas really struggling atm, bringing android over to the system would be as big as a boost as they could possibly give the system!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @amdfan81: I feel you man!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Mezzo: Killzone 4!!!!!!!! :D

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Nick: Agreed completely. About the dream, if Apple ever jumps in, it’d be a very disruptive move. Not that it would be bad, just disruptive for the big 3.