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So Which Is It: Modern Warfare 3 Or Battlefield 3?

by Ernice Gilbert on September 5th, 2011, under Action/Adventure, DS, EA, FPS, Hot, News, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360

It’s the Labor Day weekend, guys, most people go out to have fun, but some of us rather just ‘chill’ at the house, on Gamesthirst. Since we’re here then, let me ask you a simple question: This holiday season, will you buy Modern Warfare 3, the most popular game in the world, or will you go for EA’s hot Battlefield 3? Your shooter needs must be fulfilled, and in this day and age where time is of the essence, only one will do.

Let us know in this Labor edition of Thirsty Conversations.

Weekend Quencher 05/20/11 – Killzone 3 Double XP Marathon, Edtion

by Ernice Gilbert on May 20th, 2011, under Games Thirst, Outerlight

Tonight at 9:00pm, Gamesthirst community members with copies of Killzone 3 will get involved in some rather fiery MP action, as for the entire weekend, Guerrilla Games has sent live its double XP event that’ll last until Tuesday morning. Now’s your best chance to rake up some points and level up!

It’s a rainny weekend in my zone, what about yours?

Weekend Quencher 03/25/11 – A Growing Site, Edition

by Ernice Gilbert on March 25th, 2011, under Other Stuff

If something is well taken care of, it will grow. Look at flowers and how they blossom. Don’t you know it’s because they receive the right amount of water why their leaves are so welcoming? Think of a child. It’s born, and with adequate food it grows into, well, me and you – we were all once children natured by parents, but have grown into men and women (shout out to RabidPrincess!).

I’ve said all this eluding to Games Thirst, the site that you’ve made your home. Josh and I have great news for everyone: we’re making great progress and have added two indelible members to staff.

It’s the weekend, friends, what are you guys up to?