Tuesday, September 2, 2014
Report: Xbox 720 Is A Monster, Will Be Out Before PS4

Report: Xbox 720 Is A Monster, Will Be Out Before PS4

CVG has quoted Xbox World Magazine as saying the new Xbox, codemaned ‘Durango’, is simply a monster because of what’s under the hood. There’s also talk Microsoft will unveil Durango at E3 in June, once more upstaging Sony. Lots more below the break.

“XBW’s sources suggest Durango’s devkit is powered by a state of the art 16-core IBM PowerPC CPU with a graphics processor on par with AMD’s Radeon HD 7000-series graphics cards. The 360′s three-core 3.2Ghz IBM CPU is an antique by current PC standards, but a sixteen core CPU is future tech for even high-end home PC users. AMD launched the world’s first 16-core processor for the business market in November of last year,” reads a quote in the magazine, as reported by CVG.

“Even if you had a 16-core processor in your gaming PC there are currently no games built to use it, but games for the next Xbox could put all sixteen cores to work on day one for a level of performance far in excess of current gaming PCs. It’s a ridiculous amount of power for a games machine – too much power, even. But remember, Kinect 2 could chew up four whole cores tracking multiple players right down to their fingertips, so it’ll need a lot of power. Sixteen cores would still leave more processing power than the next Xbox will ever need, even with Kinect’s demands,” it continued

“Durango’s AMD GPU is much more reasonable and has been something of an open secret for a while, thanks to leaks at Chinese manufacturing plants. AMD’s brand-new 7000-series GPUs hit the consumer market in January of this year, and the higher-end models can run Battlefield 3 in 1080p with Ultra graphics settings at well over sixty frames per second. 360 packs a custom version of the AMD 1800-series GPU, and you already know how that performs – barely managing a consistent 30 frames in Battlefield 3 at a comparatively low sub-720p graphics setting.”

Now that the dev kits are in the hands of developers, Microsoft has once again beat Sony at getting material out first, and if Sony fails to show off something related to PS4 at E3 this year, “Microsoft could roll into June’s LA showcase with dozens of next-generation exclusives from third parties.”

It’s a report, and not all reports are true, but if this hold any truth, we’re in for a treat in June.

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  • benzo

    How is revealing at E3 going to upstage Sony? And I thought for sure that MS already said they were not going to announce a new console this year? And once again,what about all the people who bought the not even 2yr old redesign? Wont those people feel screwed a little bit? Lots of questions. Instead of announcing a new system, xbots would rather have some exclusive games other than Halo4 and Kinect stuff……

  • Joshua Tompkins

    There is no way those specs are right. The xbox would cost in the upper hundreds, if not thousands, just to make a profit.

  • http://www.gamesthirst.com Ernice Gilbert

    @Benzo: Bro, it would upstage Sony because once more they’d be able to get their console out before PS4, something Sony has been trying to prevent. I do, however, understand and agree with your point on those who just recently purchased the redesigned xbox 360 feeling pinched. We’ll have to see how it all plays out.

  • http://www.gamesthirst.com Ernice Gilbert

    @Josh: You never know…. MS has industry ties, there are deals that could be worked out where, for example, they’d pay less for the internals because it’d be mass-produced and sold to MS…. Deals can be made.

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    well i would feel bad for the people who bought the redesigned xbox , for me i can feel my stomach twisting , cause i know im going to buy the new console even if it cost alot! out with the old in with new…but with all the new tech and shit im sure ill get my moneys worth.

  • nick

    SIXTEEN core!?
    bull shit!
    WTFs the point of pooling a 16 core CPU with such a low end card as the 7000?
    might as well buy the worlds most powerful engine then put it in the lightest body in the world, then chain it to a gearbox from a 100 year old volkswagen beetle!
    in short freaking useless!
    next gen does not need such a leap in processors, it needs such a leap in graphics cards.
    both the ps3 and 360 have very impressive processors but their video cards are pretty disappointing in comparison.
    i really thought M$ and $ony would of learnt their lesson with current systems, looks like i thought wrong!
    you cant go put the most expensive processor in a system then become mister stingy on the graphics card, might as well be mister stingy on the processor too you will get the same performance!
    16 cores is stupid, there are no game engines out there that could run on a 16 core cpu and nor will there be for a long long time!
    not necessary!

  • http://www.gamesthirst.com Ernice Gilbert