Friday, August 29, 2014
Infinity Blade Is More Profitable Than Gears Of War, Says Epic Games

Infinity Blade Is More Profitable Than Gears Of War, Says Epic Games

Who would have thought that an iOS game would top the mighty Xbox 360 exclusive in sales?

But Epic Games co-founders Tim Sweeney and Mark Rein have collectively described the currently iOS-exclusive, Chair-developed Infinity Blade as the “most profitable game we’ve ever made” when considering the amount of money and time invested relative to the money coming back.

What was even more striking to the venerable developers is the sheer amount of power packed into a 2012 iPad. Sweeney says they’re very close to what PS3 and Xbox 360 can output. Crazy, right? Well that’s the way of the future, it seems, other firms had better roll with the punches or get rolled over by them.

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  • nick

    i told you!
    never underestimate the power of the mobile market!
    its amazing how much punch is packed into tablets and phones these days!
    IB2 looks amazing, but asphult 7 oh my freaking god makes it look like a N64 game!
    cant wait till it releases on android, it looks this good on my 4 cant wait to see what it looks like on the worlds most powerful phone the S3!
    scary how close portable systems are coming to console quality graphics!

  • benzo

    One game has come a little close to console graphics at the end of the console cycle. Mobile games are way cheaper to make than console games, plus I bet more than Iphone ownership probably at least doubles 360 owners so simple math dictates it would be more profitable.

    And yes, I am from the school of thought that thinks phones/tablets for serious gaming suck. Call me a hater, old school,or whatever but TRUE GAMING is not a game that can be beat in 2hrs, like I beat infinity blade on my buddies Iphone.

  • nick

    no, ignorance.
    problem is speaking without experieneing.
    infinity blade cant be finished in 2 hours, it takes at least 4 to upgrade your swords and armour enough to kill the king and finish the game.
    not to mention the MC series, or even real racing 2 which ive sunk 3 hours in and im not even half way through!
    plus, why are we talking length?
    if a game that can be finished in 2 hours cant be a core game, than does that mean most PSN games, journey for instance are not?
    how about COD?
    how about lollipop chainsaw or BF3?
    yea, thats what i thought.