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Weekend Quencher 06/22/12 – While We Wait

Weekend Quencher 06/22/12 – While We Wait

These days, the gaming drought is in full swing. There are tons of blockbusters incoming but they’re months away, and what’s already on the market, well, we’ve played them already. The drought is indeed bad, yes, but while we wait on October and November to arrive, we’ll play our favorite games. Have any?

For me, it’s Battlefield 3 and some Uncharted: Drake’s Deception (yes, the first game). I wasn’t really impressed with Uncharted 3, and although I bought said game on day one, it just didn’t connect with me the way Uncharted 2: Among Thieves did.

I’ll also be buying BF3 Close Quarters Combat DLC (not the premium package), to keep me occupied gaming-wise while I wait on Black Ops 2, AC3, Halo 4 and more.

Aside from gaming, It’ll be quite a hustle weekend for me, as there are a lot of activities going on that I’m heavily involved in. Saturday: out all day. Sunday the same, and on Monday it’s back to the grind.

That’s my weekend, tell me about yours.

Enjoy it, folks!

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  • nick

    had another interview on friday interesting to see what happens they said they will get back to me in a week or 2.
    a new italian restaurant opened up in the city today so im going to go try it tonight.
    tomorrow im taking the old folks out to the blue mountains have not been down there for a while so id be nice to go for a hike.
    hopefully the weather will let us, its been pissing down here like the perfect storm!
    god i hate winter!
    im about 2mms away from packing my bags and moving to the Bahamas!

    Ernice Gilbert Reply:

    You want to move to the Caribbean, eh? Don’t it yet…I need to visit Australia first :)

  • Wolf1888

    Give me news about what you think of Close Quarter. Everybody I know seems to have mixed feelings about it, as it is really CoD’ish.

  • nick

    yup sick of the god dam cold weather!
    it was three degrees in the city tonight!
    christ any colder and it would be snowing!
    starting to forget what the sun looks like……….

  • afrotravis

    am at work.. :( on saturday but i try to get in some gaming at the end of the day….ernice what ever happened to that MK9 online tournament among the folks here on gamethirst.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Afrotrav: We’ll talk more about it and then see if it works out. We need to know how many here have MK9. It’d be a blast. Let’s see what happens.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Wolf: I’ll have a review up by next week.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Nick: What’s the best time to visit AU?


    Im helping out my girl this weekend doing cooking with her for the business.
    @ nick wish i could trade places wit you man its blazzin hot here in Mexico 34 im Canadian, so i feel like a damn snowman here lol.
    Gaming wise going to game some cod for the double xp and check out the new dlc. later might check out some festivals with my girl.
    Cheers everyone have a good weekend!

    Ernice Gilbert Reply:

    @Shadow: Sounds like fun, man. Have a blast! Not every man gets to have a woman who’s also a great cook.

    Ernice Gilbert Reply:

    @Benzo: Are you an officer, bro?

  • benzo

    Work work work for me. Maybe head out to the range a squeeze a few rounds off from the old 40S&W. Play some Borderlands and Halo Anniversary Edition…and a few of the free games I got with my PS+ sub!! Good luck Nick…hope you hear good news sir. EG you are always running around like a mad man! Afrotrav….all we do is work sir. Shadow…its blazing here in the heartland too. 91 today and 96 tomorrow. Even hotter with the bulletproof vest on lol


    @ Ernice yeah its prtty kool she’s a chief, get to try some awesome food!
    @Benzo whoa i guess so man especially with the vest must be a killer out there!
    But for a canadian its just too much lol its gotten up to 47 here!

  • nick

    depends really.
    feb and march are usually out warmest months, but this year may was far hotter!
    funny how autumn can be hotter than summer…….
    stupid screwed up weather!
    march this year was actually the coldest march we have had on record!
    unfortunately there the more expensive months too because of the holiday season.

  • smoge

    Hi guys, hi Ernice. Is nobody watching the footy? COME’ ON ENGLAND!

  • benzo

    @EG…Im a probation officer that does ALL field work, so while not a police officer…i still have to tools of the trade while out on the mean streetz

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Benzo: Yep, mean streets indeed. Cool job, too. Good stuff.

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