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Doom 3: BFG Edition Has The Best 3D Implementation In Gaming Thus Far, Says id

Doom 3: BFG Edition Has The Best 3D Implementation In Gaming Thus Far, Says id

id Software producer Eric Webb believes Doom 3: BFG Edition has the best 3D implementation ever seen in a videogame, one with the potential of “sucking” gamers into the experience like no other game has been able to.

“We were really surprised when we first had a look at it in 3D,” Webb explained. “John [Carmack, co-creator of the Doom series] went through quite a few different iterations of the game to help us figure out how best to fit the technology in. Just like adding DualShock 3 controls to the original Doom, 3D really brings Doom 3 to life.

It’s interesting when you’re playing; you almost lose all of your peripheral vision and get sucked into the experience. I’d go so far as to say it’s the best implementation of stereoscopic 3D I’ve seen in a game so far. It really does draw you in.”

Webb also made known that Doom and Doom 2. also included in the Doom 3 BFG package, will run at 60 frames per seconds (FPS), even in multiplayer.

“They are pretty much straight ports, but I will say that they run really fast at 60 frames per second, even with four-player split screen play going on,” he said. “If you’ve got a big TV that’s really going to stand out. The guys basically wrote it from scratch to get it working on PS3.”

Doom 3: BFG Edition sees a release on October 19th for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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  • nick

    thats not exactly saying much!
    3D implementation into games has been pretty pathetic!
    it ALWAYS dulls the image so it makes the picture look like your viewing it through 20 pairs of sunglasses!
    not to mention the technical issues like frame rate drops, screen tearing, sub HD resolutions, ect, ect.
    worst thing though is you would not mind about the above haggles if it actually worked!
    if it actually gave you a added sense of depth and things popped out.
    but they dont, the added sense of depth is so minuscule after 10 minutes you cant notice it any more!
    as for the pop out, well what pop out!?
    you watch movies and it flies out of the screen to your face!
    never have i seen that in a game, the most pop out i have ever seen was in motorstorm pacific 3D rift where the smoke of the engines and the pebbles would flow out of the TV.
    just trickle out like if you had taped up a box poorly, it would slowly trickle out.
    until games give the 3D experience movies can like avatar, the constant added depth, and the shit flying at your face, people are not going to bother with it!
    so unless doom 3 is like avatar i wont be using it.

    Ernice Gilbert Reply:

    I’m gonna get this package just so I get into Doom…..A precursor to DOOM 4 I hope?

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