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L.A. Noire Release Dates Confirmed, Trailer Incoming Today

by Ernice Gilbert on January 24th, 2011, under Hot, News, Rockstar, Team Bondi

L.A. will be released on May 17th in the U.S., and on the 20th of the same month in Europe, Rockstar’s confirmed.

Duke Nukem: Forever Confirmed For May 3rd In U.S., May 6th Everywhere Else

The world’s about to end, folks. The elusive, the legend, the game that was not supposed to be, will finally see a release happening on May 3rd, in the U.S., and on the 6th of the same month everywhere else.

And no, you’re not dreaming. Head past the break.

Nintendo 3DS Will Launch On March 27th In US For $249, Europe March 25th(Update)

by Ernice Gilbert on January 19th, 2011, under 3D Gaming, 3DS, Hot, News, Nintendo

Update: The 3DS will sell for £229.99 in the UK according to retailers HMV and Game. With Amazon France and GameStop having listed a European price of €249.99.

Big news coming out of both New York and Amsterdam today, as Nintendo holds simultaneous events promoting its latest handheld machine. The big news? The system’s release date and price has been announced. It’ll land in the U.S. on March 27th for the decent price of $249, and in Europe on March 25th. No price has been announced for the latter region.

More Killzone 3 Beta Keys Will Be Given To Europe Than U.S.

by Ernice Gilbert on October 8th, 2010, under Guerrilla Games, Hot, News, Sony

Since the Killzone 3 beta was announced, and it was made known that only 10,000 PS Plus members would be chosen to be part of the test, confusion arose causing many gamers anger to peak.

Some wondered how would Sony and Guerrilla Games handle this since there are so many regions in the world with thousands of Killzone fans.

They’ve found a simple solution.

Online Quencher: US PS Store Update – Lords Of Shadow Demo, EA Online Pass?

by Ernice Gilbert on October 6th, 2010, under News, Sony

Sony’s updated the US PS Store, and amongst the throng of goodies, you’ll find the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow demo, and EA’s Medal Of Honor online pass that costs $9.99 and unlocks the ability to access bonus content, including additional maps.

The former is good news, the latter, however, not so much.

US PS Store Update Includes Original Tomb Raider For PS Plus Members, Mafia II DLC And More

by Ernice Gilbert on September 29th, 2010, under News, Sony

Sick of what’s been done to your beloved Tomb Raider franchise? I understand, — but forget about insulting anyone for the moment and focus your mind on when the franchise was great……See that feeling? Sony wants you to have it all over again by offering the PSone Tomb Raider classic on PSN. There’s only one catch: you must be a PS Plus member.

If you’re not, don’t fret, the latest PS Store update is laden with all sorts of great content for PSN members whether you’re a part of PS Plus or not.

There’s the God of War: Ghost of Sparta demo for PSP, add-on game content for Borderlands, Mafia II DLC, a demo of Heavy Rain: Move Edition and tons more.

The full quencher’s past the break.

Enslaved Demo Hitting US Next Tuesday, Coming To Xbox Live Soon

by Ernice Gilbert on September 17th, 2010, under Hot, Namco Bandai, News, Ninja Theory

While our friends in Europe are having a blast with Ninja Theory’s Enslaved: Odyssey To The West, we in the US were left wanting and thirsty — but not for long.

Praise the Lord.

LittleBigPlanet 2 Beta Will Make Its Way To The US In A “Few Weeks”

by Ernice Gilbert on September 11th, 2010, under Hot, Media Molecule, News

Ah, I know, the wait’s been too long. A recent update on the US PS Blog clarified that the beta invites sent out earlier this week only went to active members of the European LBP community, and that gamers in America and other countries will be added to the testing group “in a few weeks.”

Someone’s got to explain to me what does Sony and Media Molecule mean by “in a few weeks”? A few weeks could mean in the next 14 days or a full month. There must be a better way…. Wait.

Guys, how about I forge some UK documents that will give me instant citizenship in the country, making it easier for me to get into the beta? Hmm? The plane tickets around this time of year are expensive, though, and when you factor in how high the pound is against the US dollar, it’s even worst.

I, however, could always use grappling hooks.

Video Thirst: Killzone 3 And Move – New PAX Footage

by Ernice Gilbert on September 4th, 2010, under Guerrilla Games, Hot, News, Sony

Yesterday, SCEA let loose the US release date for one of Sony’s most anticipated titles, and the giant’s biggest shooter: Killzone 3. It’ll be available on February 22nd in said territory with a Europe date incoming soon.

In the meantime, Guerrilla Games’ released some fresh footage of the title using the Move controller.

Quench it past the break.

Killzone 3 Dated For US

by Ernice Gilbert on September 3rd, 2010, under Guerrilla Games, Hot, News, Sony

Get your guns ready, because coming early next year, another fight between humanity and the Helghast will once more take center stage. Killzone 3 has been dated for the US.

Golden Eye 2 Date Confirmed

by Ernice Gilbert on August 16th, 2010, under Activision, News

Know that Wii title many Xbox 360 and PS3 owners wish was coming to their console of choice? Yes, Golden Eye 2. Well, it’s been dated.

Jealousy, who can stand against it?

For Nintendo, 30 Million Wiis Sold In The US

by Ernice Gilbert on August 10th, 2010, under Hot, News, Nintendo

The nintendo Wii launched in the United States in 2005, since then it has become the best selling seventh generation console in that region.


In The UK, Demon’s Souls Is King

by Ernice Gilbert on August 5th, 2010, under Hot, Namco Bandai, News

Remember that PS3 exclusive title that wasn’t supposed to have done well, but yet ended up selling out in the US? Yes, Demon’s Souls. After its success in the US, Sony couldn’t resist taking the game to Europe,, and so they did.

Guess what happened?

The game continued to rock the boat in the UK, selling out. Completely.

For Namco Bandai, E3 and GamesCom Are A Bit Much, Industry Must “Choose”

by Ernice Gilbert on June 3rd, 2010, under E3, News

So which will it be, E3 or GamesCom? I’m personally routing for E3 since, well, I’m in the US! But for the rest of our beloved users who live in parts of the world closer to Cologne Germany, they’d rather it be in the latter location. Can’t blame ya.

Well according to Namco Bandai Partners VP Oliver Comte., that’s a decision which must be made soon. The both of them are just too expensive.

Japan’s 2ch. Responds To IGN’s Japanese RPG Complaints

by Ernice Gilbert on January 18th, 2010, under Gaming News

IGN recently compiled a list of reasons why Japanese RPG games are failing, things like: Lifeless environments, stereotypical stories, linear gameplay and traditional battle systems. Now Japan’s 2ch., which is the largest internet forum in the world has responded.