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PlayStation Network Goes Down For Maintenance From Thursday Through Friday In Europe

by Ernice Gilbert on August 10th, 2011, under News, PS3, PSN, Sony

Sony’s announced that the PlayStation Network will be undergoing maintenance in Europe from 16:05 on Thursday August 11th 2011 until 02:00 on Friday August 12th 2011, BST. Details inside.

inFamous 2 European Launch Dates Confirmed

by Ernice Gilbert on May 17th, 2011, under Hot, News, PS3, Sony

We already know inFamous 2 will be released on June 7th in the U.S., however up until now Sony hadn’t given a firm date for the EU. Up until now.

Sega Developer Working On “New Alien” Game For Consoles, Visuals Are “Out Of This World”

by Ernice Gilbert on May 12th, 2011, under Hot, News, PS3, Sega, Xbox 360

On the visuals part, you’d expect it to be “out of this world”, as it’s an “alien game”. But Creative Assembly, the studio behind the new IP, are ready to surprise gamers with this new title. And according to someone who’s seen it, the visuals it’s a “blockbuster”.

Despite Steam Integration, Portal 2 Xbox 360 Outselling PS3 Version

by Ernice Gilbert on April 26th, 2011, under EA, Hot, News, PC, PS3, Xbox 360

It’s been revealed that Portal 2 Xbox 360 has been dominating the game’s sales, leading the way with a respectable 54% while PS3 lags behind, accounting for only 35% in the UK.

Obviously, the advantage goes to 360 because of the PSN outage that’s kept a generation of gamers who’ve become used to playing multiplayer, offline for the better part of a week. That being said, with the Xbox 360 install base in the UK being bigger than the PS3′s, I’d still expect more units to be moved on Microsoft’s console.

Reconfirmed: NGP To See 2011 US Release, European Dates Sketchy

by Ernice Gilbert on April 13th, 2011, under Hot, News, NGP, Sony

Speculation has been running rampant concerning Sony’s upcoming revolutionary handheld dubbed NGP, and whether the console would see a 2011 release outside of Japan. Recently, SCEA boss Jack Tretton said there might be delays because of factory issues following the Japanese earthquake/tsunami disaster. That, however, was debunked by Sony Japan, with SCEJ spokesperson Satoshi Fukuoaka telling the Wall Street Journal that Tretton was simply “wrong” when he said the Japanese earthquake and tsunami had closed factories relating to Next Generation Portable production.

Now according to US investment company Lazard Capital Markets who attended a Sony analyst day event, the hardware giant’s confirmed a 2011 U.S. release for NGP, however it wasn’t sure if Europe would see the same fate.

3DS Being Returned In Record Numbers In UK

by Ernice Gilbert on April 5th, 2011, under 3DS, Hot, News, Nintendo

The 3DS launch in the United Kingdom outdid the sales performance of all prior Nintendo launches. From the original DS to Wii, 3DS left them all in the dust. But something’s happening with Nintendo’s latest console. Something the company must be concerned about – ostensibly the 3DS is being returned to shops in record numbers according to UK’s The SUN per MCV, after being on the market for less than two weeks. It’s making people dizzy.

Crysis 2 Maintains Top Spot In UK, Motorstorm Apocalypse Struggles

by Ernice Gilbert on April 4th, 2011, under EA, Hot, News, PC, PS3, Shooter, Xbox 360

Crysis 2 held its number one position on the UK charts last week, denying Shift 2: Unleashed the position. It’s also a shame that Motorstorm Apocalypse didn’t even make it in the top ten, something we’re sure was caused by the delay confusion because of the Japan earthquake crisis.

Besides that, Homefront is in fifth, a strong hold for a game that scored extremely poor, and neither Killzone 3 nor Bullestorm managed to steal a spot in the top ten.

The full quencher’s below the break.

Killzone 3 Beats Bulletstorm For Number One Spot In U.K.

by Ernice Gilbert on February 28th, 2011, under Guerrilla Games, Hot, News, Sony

In the UK, Bulletstorm and Killzone 3 went head-to-head over the weekend, fighting hard to earn your hard-made cash. But although Epic Games and People Can Fly’s shooter was released for all formats, Guerrilla Games PS3 exclusive, Killzone 3, still managed to outsell it, grabbing the number spot in the UK Chart Track charts.

If that’s not impressive nothing else is.

Dead Space 2 Still Atop UK Charts

by Ernice Gilbert on February 7th, 2011, under EA, Hot, News, Visceral

Seems like EA and Visceral are scoring big with Dead Space 2, as the game’s showing much stamina, topping the UK charts for a second straight week.

LittleBigPlanet 2 Comes In At Number One In The UK Games Chart

by Ernice Gilbert on January 24th, 2011, under Hot, Media Molecule, News, Sony

Chart-Track’s released its UK game sales numbers, and amongst the throng, in the top ten, you’ll find Black Ops, Just Dance 2, FIFA 11 and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood.

In the number spot of the same list, however, you’ll find Media Molecule’s masterpiece: LittleBigPlanet 2. Full quencher’s past the jump.

UK Movie Rental Service, LOVEFiLM, Hitting PS3 Next Month

by Ernice Gilbert on October 11th, 2010, under Hot, News, Sony

According to a video from the official PS3 YouTube channel, the popular UK movie rental service dubbed LOVEFiLM will be available on the PS3 starting in November.

In The UK, Threats To Ban Medal Of Honor Reboot

by Ernice Gilbert on August 23rd, 2010, under Dice, EA, News

Politicians, they would do anything to win your vote. On any given day, you’ll hear them stirring up debate on issues they think will benefit their bid.

In the UK, the Afghanistan war’s unpopular with the people, and since many UK men and women have died in said region doing battle against the Taliban, a videogame allowing gamers to play as the Taliban would be rather unpopular there; and understandably so.

Defence Secretary Liam Fox saw an opportunity to boost his credibility by exploiting the situation, and so he’s called on UK retailers to ban the game. He said he was “disgusted” that Medal of Honor allowed people to recreate attacks on Nato forces.

Modern Warfare 2 Is Now Best Selling Title In The UK

by Ernice Gilbert on August 23rd, 2010, under Activision, Hot, Infinity Ward, News

The Brits, they love ‘em some shooter fun. Modern Warfare 2 shooter fun.

It’s no wonder the game’s now the best selling title the grace its cold shores.

In The UK, Demon’s Souls Is King

by Ernice Gilbert on August 5th, 2010, under Hot, Namco Bandai, News

Remember that PS3 exclusive title that wasn’t supposed to have done well, but yet ended up selling out in the US? Yes, Demon’s Souls. After its success in the US, Sony couldn’t resist taking the game to Europe,, and so they did.

Guess what happened?

The game continued to rock the boat in the UK, selling out. Completely.

UK Holds Xbox 360′s Best Attach Rate In The World

by Fernando on June 10th, 2010, under Gaming News, Microsoft, Xbox 360

The Playstation brand always had a strong following in Europe and the UK but Microsoft is happy to inform that UK is their biggest territory now. Microsoft’s VP of interactive entertainment business for EMEA Chris Lewis has revealed that UK is the market with the highest attach rate of 360 software.