Wednesday, January 28, 2015

3DS Being Returned In Record Numbers In UK

The 3DS launch in the United Kingdom outdid the sales performance of all prior Nintendo launches. From the original DS to Wii, 3DS left them all in the dust. But something’s happening with Nintendo’s latest console. Something the company must be concerned about – ostensibly the 3DS is being returned to shops in record numbers according to UK’s The SUN per MCV, after being on the market for less than two weeks. It’s making people dizzy.

According to the paper, British retailer HMV is offering full refunds on 3DS consoles bought since launch, but the deal will only last till Thursday. One consumer reported he got a £170+ refund from GAME, another went to a forum claiming:

“When I returned mine to my local GAME in Bexleyheath I had an argument at first but I am someone who knows how to argue and stuck with my guns. Once the guy agreed we chatted and he told me hay had had a high return of the 3DS, more than any launch product.”

Meanwhile Nintendo are dispelling the report as false, telling Eurogamer in a statement they’re simply

“Recent reports are incorrect,” Nintendo told the site.

“The number of calls and emails with queries on Nintendo 3DS is in fact well below the rate experienced during past hardware launches and having spoken with our retail partners there are only a handful of people who have actually gone into stores to request a refund.

Nintendo 3DS was designed with a 3D depth slider that lets users adjust the 3D effect so that everyone can still enjoy this product. When viewing any kind of 3D images, including movies and on TV, some people might experience minor discomfort.

The effects are short term and have no lasting effect; most people can continue after taking a break.”

We’ll keep you posted. Have you a 3DS? If so, has it affected your vision at all? Let us know.

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  • nick

    dont say i did not tell you so!
    glasses free 3D is great, but its no where near refined enough for mass market use!
    thats why no manufacture has released TVs with it yet, the tech is there and at a affordable price, but all the kinks have not been worked out.
    you cant release a product thats going to make such a large number of your customers sick!
    not to mention the black screen allot have been suffering from.
    this is starting to look like a complete mess!
    ninty really have not thought this through!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Wonder how all this will showdown.

  • nick

    millions will complain, and ninty will do nothing.