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Breaking – Sony Shuts Down PlayStation Brand, Says Goodbye To Gaming

by Ernice Gilbert on April 1st, 2011, under Hot, News, Sony, Unbelievable

The unexpected has happened. What we never thought would be a story told is being written as we speak. Many will remember this day, the 1st day of April, 2011, as the saddest in gaming history. My friends, Sony’s decided to shut down all things PlayStation, as it says there’s been no profit in it, and has admitted to making a big mistake by including Blu-Ray in launch PS3s.

The company’s giving everyone 3 months to enjoy games on PSN, but has already started shutting down game studios, beginning with SOE.

Developers the world over are pleading with Sony to rethink this decision – even Microsoft’s offered the once electronic giant a loan of $2 billion, yet company exec Kaz Hirai’s said the decision is a final one.

No more PSN, no more game studios, all the PS4 talk has been rubbish, and today, my friends, the industry has lost its greatest company.

Rumor Water – New PSN Hack Shows Unbelievable Lack Of Credit Card Security (Update)

by Ernice Gilbert on February 17th, 2011, under Hot, News, Sony, Unbelievable

Update: This rumor has been proven untrue, which is great news for everyone.

Original Story: Sony’s now banning any and everybody who’s trying to access PSN with hacked consoles, but the added pressure the giant’s mounting might be more than just an effort of trying to keep pirates and cheaters away, it might also be about other important information that’s at risk.

A report on ArsTechnica’s claiming that Sony’s “the biggest spy ever”, with the company collecting every piece of information it receives. From the controllers you’re using, to what USB devices are plugged in.

Crysis 2 Leaked On Torrent Sites – The Full Game

by Ernice Gilbert on February 11th, 2011, under Crytek, News, Unbelievable

This is not good for Crytek, but according to various sources, a developer build of Crysis 2 has been leaked on torrent sites.

Psychologist Accuses Bulletstorm Of Inciting Rape, Fox Calls It “Worst Game In The World”

by Ernice Gilbert on February 8th, 2011, under News, People Can Fly, Unbelievable

Popular psychologist Carol[e] Lieberman has gone on Fox News and said that the entertainment industry was “in large part” directly responsible for acts of sexual violence, pointing out Bulletstorm as a prime example of the phenomena. This can’t be good for EA and People Can Fly, as Fox News is one of the most popular cable networks in the U.S.

Boy Spends £1,000 On Mother’s Debit Card Playing Xbox Live, Bursts Into Tears And Unplugs Console

by Ernice Gilbert on February 8th, 2011, under Microsoft, News, Unbelievable

Dawn Matthews, mother of eight-year-old son Brendan Jordan, has singled out Microsoft after her kid spent more than £1,000 using her debit card to purchase accessories and new games on his console, after it saved the details of a previously registered card. Brendon said he didn’t realize this was happening, and so, his mom’s complaining to Microsoft, hopefully to get a refund, but the giant isn’t responding.

Play Killzone 3′s Beta, Win Limited Helghast Edition Copy

by Ernice Gilbert on February 2nd, 2011, under Guerrilla Games, Hot, News, Sony, Unbelievable

Need I say more? Sony’s offering everyone a chance to win a limited Helghast Edition of Killzone 3 just for playing in the game’s upcoming beta that’s now live on the EU PS Store, and coming to the U.S. tonight. They’ll be giving away 60 copies of the game.

Details past the break.

First Uncharted NGP Screenshot Is Rather Impressive

by Ernice Gilbert on January 28th, 2011, under Hot, News, Unbelievable

Uncharted is the PS3′s biggest franchise. At least for now. So it was no surprise when Sony announced at its meeting yesterday that Sony Bend’s developing a completely new Uncharted game for the revolutionary handheld, the NGP.

We’ve been hearing talk of how powerful a device it is, and now, in the screenshot below the break that showcases Uncharted’s Nathan Drake, the console’s power speaks volumes.

Video Thirst: Metal Gear Solid 4 On NGP Looks Too Good To Be True

by Ernice Gilbert on January 27th, 2011, under Hot, News, Sony, Unbelievable

You wanted a revolution, and Sony has brought it. Signed and sealed, the giant has delivered. So much so that it’ll be hard for you to believe what you’re about to witness below the break.

Metal Gear Solid 4 running on NGP? No. But yes, and what’s even better, the game looks as if it was on the PS3. Head past the break.

Video Thirst: Uncharted On NGP

by Ernice Gilbert on January 27th, 2011, under Hot, News, Sony, Sony Bend, Unbelievable

You know the name: Uncharted. The mere pronunciation of it and PS3 owners the world over take notice. Here’s even biggger news, the franchise is headed to the NGP, with Sony Bend at the helm.

We’ve even got video demonstration after the break.

List Of Third Party Developers Working On NGP Games Unearthed – Over 78

by Ernice Gilbert on January 27th, 2011, under Hot, News, Sony, Unbelievable

Sony’s released the list of third-party devs that are developing games for the Next Generation Portable, and to be quite honest, it’s one of the most massive list I’ve seen in a long time.

And that’s just third party. Get it past the break.

Video Thirst: Power In Your Hands NGP Trailer Goes Live

by Ernice Gilbert on January 27th, 2011, under Hot, News, Sony, Unbelievable

Sony’s now released the “Power In Your Hands” NGP trailer, ushering us into a new realm of portable gaming.

Get it below.

Specs Of Next Generation Portable Released – It’s A Beast

by Ernice Gilbert on January 27th, 2011, under Hot, News, Sony, Unbelievable

The PSP2, or Next Generation Portable (NGP) has seen its specs splattered all over the web for all to see. Find the full fact sheet below the break.

Video Thirst: Introducing The PSP2 – The Full Quencher

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived. Sony’s announced the PSP2.

Michael Pachter Doesn’t Give A Crap About Us Gamers, His Insults Are Unacceptable

Who does this guy think he is? Gamers Voice decided to report Activision to the UK ’s Office of Fair Trade over prevalent issues in the PC and PS3 versions of Black Ops, a good move I must say, but analyst Michael Pachter comes out and liken the group’s actions to something a “cry baby” would do.

Oh really? So we should just take any crap the greedy conglomerates feed us? Pachter, you’re not welcomed here, you remind me of the greedy investors who call Wall Street their home.

The man actually got into a war of words with the advocacy group, then he went on to speak of the “overweight” gaming population in a very unnerving manner.

The Guns Of Killzone 3

by Ernice Gilbert on January 24th, 2011, under Guerrilla Games, Hot, News, Sony, Unbelievable

There are so many guns in Killzone 3 that you’ll probably need to visit a shooting range near your domain if you hope to master all of them. But then again it’s just a game – but still it’s the most beautiful weapons arsenal we’ve ever seen.

The image you see above tells no lie; run past the break for the full breakdown.