Sunday, February 1, 2015

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Microsoft Ran Out Of Xbox 360s Last Christmas

It’s got the U.S. console market on lock down, and over the Christmas season, Microsoft couldn’t supply the country’s insatiable need for its latest next-gen console. That’s according to Xbox front man Major Nelson, saying via twitter the company simply “ran out” of consoles to sell last Christmas. Read More »

Pachter Sees A $100 ‘Platinum’ Service For Xbox Live In The Near Future

Earlier this week, Microsoft officially announced a $10 increase to the annual Xbox Live Gold subscription, and while gamers around gaming’s web were snorting fire, most analysts had already predicted the move. One of them is Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst, Michael Pachter. He believes the added $10 will enable Microsoft to to reinvest in the service to then offer even ... Read More »

For Pachter, 3D Gaming’s Just A “Fad’

Sony and Nintendo are pushing the 3D gaming revolution to new heights, or at least that’s what they think. For Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst, Michael Pachter, though, that thing’s just a fad that will remain just that until 3DTVs become more widespread. Read More »

Pachter Doubts Sony Will Turn PSP Into Phone

Rumors have been running wild concerning the prospect of Sony morphing its handheld into an all-in-one media device, including a cellphone. Pachter sees the situation different: “I don’t see it becoming a phone at all,” he said. He said this will in a conversation with Inudustry Gamers. Read More »

Pachter Thought Alan Wake Would Be A “BlockBuster”

Well Pachter, things don’t always pan out the way you’d hope now do they? Yes, Alan Wake looked promising and you thought Remedy and Microsoft would have made a killing off of the thriller. After all, the hype train has been building for umpteen years now. But it didn’t, and once more, you’re wrong. The good thing about you, though, ... Read More »

Pachter: “Fanboys Won’t Ever Go Away”

There are some things that just need each other to survive. A car needs gas to move, A woman needs a man to bring fourth a child, students need teachers to learn, Christians need Jesus and according to Wedbush Morgan analyst, Michale Pachter, the industry needs fanboys. The man was actually pouring water on the fanboy wars today on his ... Read More »