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Biggest Year In Gaming History Will Be 2011, Massive Game Release Schedule Unveiled

by Ernice Gilbert on January 5th, 2011, under Hot, Microsoft, News, Nintendo, Sony

You know what? I’ll call it: 2011 will usher gaming into new realms. From 3D gaming, the Kinect revolution, which, by the way, technology developer PrimeSense is taking to PCs. We have the PSP2, the 3DS and probably the WiiHD or Wii2 coming all this year. That’s on the hardware side of things alone.

As for software, 2011 trumps all the years before it like a bulldozer ridding a piece of land of its grass. This year alone we’ll have Killzone 3, Gears of War 3, another Call of Duty, not to mention Black Ops DLC. Bulletstorm, Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, inFamous 2, Dead Space 2, Mass Effect 2 and so on.

Thankfully, GameInformer’s forged up a massive list featuring a release schedule for all platforms this year, including the DS and PSP. Apparently, according to the author, Far Cry 3 will be released in August of this year. Don’t know where he got that from so we’ll have to wait to hear more.

Either ways, hit the link, I think you’ll get to understand better why gaming’s all the buzz this year, and why it’ll leave many a gamer broke. Dead broke.

The Day Devs Start Selling Half Games, Is The Day I’ll Leave This Industry

by Ernice Gilbert on July 19th, 2010, under Codemasters, Namco Bandai, News

I suspect, if developers would only make good games, then there titles would sell pretty well. On the flip side, if your game sucks, then sales will most likely suck, too. It’s the case with a few game companies looking to “suck” every single dime they can out of a gamer because they’re not realizing great sales on titles released.

Namco Bandai Game Schedule Released

by Ernice Gilbert on June 26th, 2010, under Namco Bandai

Below the break you’ll find Namco Bandai’s release schedule of its games, ranging from now all the way through 2011. There are a few titles in there you might like.