Friday, April 5, 2013

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And It’s On: 2013 Looks To Be Gaming’s Biggest Year


“And it’s on.” Those were the words of Xbox front man Major Nelson, when he kicked off the hype train for Microsoft’s next Xbox two days ago. But what the Major failed to realize was that 2013 isn’t only “on” for Microsoft. No, it’ll be a big year for the games industry on a whole, as veteran console makers and ... Read More »

Valve Working On ‘Source 2′ Engine


Valve boss Gabe Newell has confirmed that his company is working on a brand new Source engine, and since it’s not just a remodeling of the old, some are calling it ‘Source 2′. More next generation evidence, folks. Read More »

Copying Apple Will Accelerate Microsoft’s Decline, Gabe Newell Says


Not too long ago, Valve owner Gabe Newell caused a stir when he said Windows 8 is a “catastrophe”. That’s because Newell Believes with Windows 8 Microsoft is employing a new Apple-like strategy that would see all its devices communicating seamlessly, but in the process closing the Windows platform and forcing developers to pay tens of thousands of dollars in ... Read More »

Gabe Newell Is Worth $1.5 Billion


You all know his name: Gabe Newell. He owns more than half of Valve, the company behind PC service Steam, and creator of great IPs such as Half Life, Counter-Strike and Portal. Let’s not forget Left 4 Dead. Well, according to Forbes, Mr. Newell is the 854th richest billionaire in the world, as he’s worth an estimated $1.5 billion. Read More »

The Reasons Why Valve Isn’t Talking About Half-Life 3

half life_2

The fans of Half-Life are arguably the most passionate. They’ve created petitions, held picket signs outside Valve’s UK studios, and raged the firm’s forums all to get the developer to talk about Half-Life: Episode 3. Valve hasn’t budged, however, and the firm has good reasons for not doing so. Read More »

Piracy Is Non-Issue For Valve


Valve has built its company, Steam, on offering second-to-none online PC service that’s well respected in the games industry and amongst the PC crowd. But why is piracy a problem for companies like Ubisoft and EA, but the same issue is almost none-existent for Valve? Simple: Quality of service. Read More »