Wednesday, June 5, 2013
Copying Apple Will Accelerate Microsoft’s Decline, Gabe Newell Says

Copying Apple Will Accelerate Microsoft’s Decline, Gabe Newell Says

Not too long ago, Valve owner Gabe Newell caused a stir when he said Windows 8 is a “catastrophe”. That’s because Newell Believes with Windows 8 Microsoft is employing a new Apple-like strategy that would see all its devices communicating seamlessly, but in the process closing the Windows platform and forcing developers to pay tens of thousands of dollars in certification fees. It would also demand, just like Xbox Live games, that Microsoft screen all game updates, and that’s gotten not only Gabe Newell, but many players in the development community a bit perturbed.

“We would say to Microsoft, we understand all these frustrations about the challenges to your business, but trying to copy Apple will accelerate, not slow, Microsoft’s decline,” Newell told the New York Times. He was also paraphrased as saying the closed approach had been pretty successful for Apple.

Rob Pardo, the executive vice president of game design at Blizzard, recently echoed Gabe’s sentiments.

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  • nick

    exactly whats destroying this industry!
    x company does x task, x company suddenly becomes much more successful so EVERY company follows suit!
    one day these sheep will realize just because x company was successful with a task does not mean your company will be also.
    but im afraid by the time that day comes, it will be too late!

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