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Quick Quenchers: Bioshock Creator Talks About Creating The Ideal Villain For Infinite

by Ernice Gilbert on August 14th, 2011, under 2K Games, Hot, News

“When I was working on Andrew Ryan, the two things that were most formative to me were reading [Ayn] Rand, and then I watched a documentary about Joseph Goebbels. It wasn’t his evil that struck me, it was the fact that he felt like such a victim. Even though he’s obviously a villain, in his mind, he wasn’t. Everybody’s the hero of their own story; if you can’t find something that makes them great, you don’t have a tragic character. These [are] characters that struggle between their view of the world and their realities of the world. There’s that dissonance that turns them into an antagonist for the player. It’s not just because they want to be.” – Irrational’s Ken Levine on creating villains, speaking to Gama.

Rumor Water – Treyarch’s Call Of Duty 9: Project Iron Wolf Leaked

by Ernice Gilbert on August 10th, 2011, under Activision/Bilzzard, FPS, Hot, Rumor

Rumor rocking gaming’s web today has a member of the Se7ensins forum named iHC James taking screens of a Treyarch developer friends list using a dev kit Xbox 360 that had access to the partner-net sector of Xbox Live, which apparently reveals a group of Treyarch employees all playing a game called….”Project Iron Wolf”.

Video Thirst: Last Portion Of Metro: Last Light E3 2011 Gameplay Demo Released, We’re Left Void Of Speech

by Ernice Gilbert on August 10th, 2011, under FPS, Hot, News, PC, PS3, THQ, Xbox 360

THQ’s released the last part of a three-part series of Metro: Last Light E3 2011 demo, showing Artyom and Khan trying to chase down a train, then board it to find a prisoner. It’s stuff that’ll leave you wanting more, and it’s posted below the break.

Twisted Metal Delayed Into 2012

by Ernice Gilbert on August 5th, 2011, under Hot, News, PS3, Sony

David Jaffe’s announced that Twisted Metal, the title he and his Eat Sleep Play team’s been working on for over two years, won’t see the promised October release, instead the game will come ready early 2012.

2K Games Confirms Borderlands 2 For 2012 Release

by Ernice Gilbert on August 3rd, 2011, under 2K Games, Hot, News, PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Yesterday’s report has proven to be true: 2K Games has formerly confirmed Borderlands 2 for a 2012 release, and it’ll be helm by the same guys who took on the first, Gearbox Interactive.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Coming To PS3 Next Year

by Ernice Gilbert on July 25th, 2011, under Namco Bandai, News, PS3

Sony’s announced over on the PS Blog that Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will be released on PS3 some time next year.

Halo 4′s Been Under Development For 2yrs

When Halo 4 was announced at E3 this past June, many thought it was too soon since Halo: Reach had only recently came out. But that’s not to be so according to Halo franchise boss Frank O’Connor, because unknowing to the press and gaming masses, development of the game’s been ongoing with “relative secrecy for a couple of years”.

Rumor Water: PS4 To Be Unveiled Next Year

by Ernice Gilbert on June 27th, 2011, under Hot, Rumor

Sony’s looking to stun the masses and unveil its next generation console some time next year, according to a new report.

PS Vita Won’t Launch In Europe And North America This Year

by Ernice Gilbert on June 12th, 2011, under Hot, News, PS Vita, Sony

Although many of us thought Sony would do its best to release PS Vita in the U.S. and even Europe by the end of this year, the firm’s confirmed to Geoff Keighley that a release in said regions won’t happen until early next year.

E3 2012 Stays In Los Angeles, Dated

by Ernice Gilbert on June 9th, 2011, under E3, E3 2011, Hot, News

It’s almost over, and by tomorrow the news will slow a bit, but even before we say goodbye to E3 2011, next year’s event has been given a date, and it remains in the same location.

Windows 8 To Be Released Next Year, Microsoft’s Announced

by Ernice Gilbert on May 24th, 2011, under Hot, Microsoft, News

During its Tokyo press conference today, Microsoft revealed that come next year, it’ll release yet another version of its ubiquitous operating system dubbed Windows, this time version 8. According to the software giant, the new software will be optimized for “tablets, PCs, a variety of different form factors.”

Nintendo Confirms New Console, Will Offer “New Way” Of Playing Games In Home

by Ernice Gilbert on April 25th, 2011, under E3, E3 2011, Hot, News, Nintendo

Where there’s smoke, no doubt, there’s always fire. Nintendo’s confirmed it’s developed a new console, and come June at E3, it’ll be playable and ready for a worldwide release in 2012. We’ve also got some leaked screens of what MIGHT be the new hardware. All below the break.

Project Cafe Won’t Be Called Wii2, First Mock-Up Unearthed

by Ernice Gilbert on April 21st, 2011, under Hot, News, Nintendo

Just like the days of PS3 Slim, when all sorts of mock-up images were hitting the internet on what seemed to be a daily basis, the cycle for Project Cafe has commenced. See how terrible the first one looks below the break.

No Need To Worry About Bioshock Infinite On PS3

by Ernice Gilbert on November 22nd, 2010, under Hot, Irrational Games, News

I’ll refresh your memory if you can’t remember: Bioshock on PS3 was one of the most buggy ports of any game in any generation on any platform. Indeed, from graphical problems to full blown crashes, PS3 owners got shafted with that game, and that’s after being released one year later on the black box than the Xbox 360 and PC.

So it’s rather good to hear things won’t be the same for the latest game in the best selling franchise when it comes to the PS3, in fact, the game’s technical director, Chris Kline, recently explained on the Irrational Games forums that “We have a much larger team than we did on the original BioShock, so we’re doing simultaneous in-house development on the PS3, 360, and PC versions of the game.”

Well that’s great news. And here I was thinking Irrational Games would allow the same thing to happen again.

Come on, Ernice!

Video Thirst: New Deus Ex: Human Revolution Trailer Shows Game Of The Year Quality – The Full Quencher

by Ernice Gilbert on November 18th, 2010, under Eidos Interactive, Hot, News, Square-Enix

As promised, the new Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer’s gone live, and in every sense of the word, no pun intended, it wins.