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E3 2011 Officially Done: And The Winner Is…

by Joseph Garrett on June 10th, 2011, under E3, E3 2011, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony

Another E3 has come and gone. So now is is the time to decide who won? Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft all brought their games this year but only one can stand victorious.

Bungie To Announce Something Big On July 7th

Bungie’s made known that come July 7th, it’ll have a big announcement for its fans, so fans we ask you to be prepared.

There’ll Be Interaction Between Uncharted NGP And Uncharted 3, Says Naughty Dog Boss

by Ernice Gilbert on May 20th, 2011, under Hot, News, NGP, Sony

Not only will there be interaction between the two games, but the NGP version is a prequel to Drake’s Fortune.

Square-Enix To Bring Its “Masterpieces” To Life In One Package On PS3/360?

by Ernice Gilbert on May 16th, 2011, under Hot, News, PS3, Square-Enix

Remember Final Fantasy X? I’m sure you do. How would you like to play that game PS3? Seems like Square-Enix is looking to do just that as the firm’s trademarked “SE Masterpieces” in Europe a few days ago.

Rumor Water: Heavenly Sword 2 Under Development, More Details At E3

by Ernice Gilbert on May 7th, 2011, under E3 2011, Hot, Rumor, Sony

Heavenly Sword is one of those games that came out in the early days of PS3, and managed to display the console’s magnificent power. It also sold a decent amount of copies in its time, and has garnered a faithful fanbase. Ninja Theory developed the first game, but ever since the studio parted ways with Sony, a sequel of the hack-n-slash title has been in doubt.

Not no longer, apparently, as PlayGamer magazine has teased that a sequel will be present at E3.

Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference Date And Time Announced – Time To Drink Coffee

by Ernice Gilbert on May 3rd, 2011, under Hot, News, Nintendo

It’s on, folks. Nintendo’s now divulged the date and time of its E3 press conference happening in L.A. this June, and there, for sure, we know many things will be unleashed, including the new console that loves coffee.

Ubisoft’s E3 Press Conference Happening On June 6th

by Ernice Gilbert on April 28th, 2011, under E3 2011, Hot, News, Ubisoft

Are you ready for E3? Well ready or not the event is upon us. Ubisoft as well as countless other developers will be there, but the aforementioned firm has confirmed its event’s date.

Naughty Dog: Uncharted 2 Was “Once In A Lifetime”

by Ernice Gilbert on April 26th, 2011, under Hot, News, PS3, Sony

Of course the dev’s hoping to bring an even greater experience with Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, but admittance is freedom: “Uncharted 2 was a once in a lifetime experience. You can’t hope to have such incredible synergy of amazing people working together, creating this genre-defining product.”

Miyamoto Responds To Project Cafe Rumors

by Ernice Gilbert on April 21st, 2011, under Hot, News, Nintendo

Super Mario Bros. Boss Shigeru Miyamoto has responded to rumors circulating the internet concerning Nintendo’s new console, saying he’s heard of the “coffee” rumors.

Project Cafe Won’t Be Called Wii2, First Mock-Up Unearthed

by Ernice Gilbert on April 21st, 2011, under Hot, News, Nintendo

Just like the days of PS3 Slim, when all sorts of mock-up images were hitting the internet on what seemed to be a daily basis, the cycle for Project Cafe has commenced. See how terrible the first one looks below the break.

Uncharted 3 MP Details Leaked, Sprinting Now Enabled

by Ernice Gilbert on April 16th, 2011, under Hot, News, PS3, PSN, Sony

Sony held an E3 Sneak Peek event in L.A. this week, and Naughty Dog was on hand to divulge some multiplayer details of upcoming Uncharted 3. The major news in the midst of the noise, however, is that in the game’s mp, sprinting is now a go.

Project Cafe = Wii 2 – The Full Quencher

by Ernice Gilbert on April 15th, 2011, under E3, E3 2011, Hot, News, Nintendo, Wii 2

And just when you thought the Wii 2 rumors were said and done, more details are erupting like a massive volcano’s about to erupt at E3. What’s hot now? Well details on the console’s specs have emerged, along with its alias – “Project Cafe”.

More past the break.

Nintendo’s Plans Are “Unreal”, Controller To Feature HD Screen

by Ernice Gilbert on April 15th, 2011, under Hot, News, Nintendo, Wii 2

Whatever Nintendo does has to be revolutionary. Whether it’s the Super Nintendo of old, or its latest console, the Wii – it has to be different. In fact, although you may not like the Wii that much, (I don’t) the console’s changed the game forever, forcing Sony and Microsoft down a route they thought was futile, but now, both Kinect and PS Move are selling millions – thanks to Nintendo.

But the Wii’s lost steam, and analysts have been calling for a new console from the legendary gaming company for months. Will it happen? It’s basically confirmed for an E3 2011 reveal, and as news surface, we’re learning more about the console. We already know it’ll be more powerful than PS3 and Xbox 360, but what we didn’t know is how excited developers who’ve seen it are about the system. I mean, who wouldn’t? The hardware’s spotting an HD screen on its controller. What Nintendo’s forging is “unreal” says one source.

Wii Getting Another Price Cut, Wii 2 At E3?

by Ernice Gilbert on April 13th, 2011, under Hot, News, Nintendo

Rumor has it that Nintendo’s about to slash the price of its flagship console to $150 starting on May 15th.

Xbox 360 Price Cut To Be Announced At E3, Predicts Pachter

by Ernice Gilbert on March 7th, 2011, under Hot, Microsoft, News, Xbox 360

Xbox 360 hasn’t seen a price cut since Sony slashed the price of the PS3, but all that’s about to change if Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst, Michael Pachter, is to be believed. He said come E3 2011, Microsoft will cut the price of its next gen console, and that Nintendo and Sony will “rapidly follow suit”.