Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Project Cafe Won’t Be Called Wii2, First Mock-Up Unearthed

Just like the days of PS3 Slim, when all sorts of mock-up images were hitting the internet on what seemed to be a daily basis, the cycle for Project Cafe has commenced. See how terrible the first one looks below the break.

According to EEDAR analyst Jessie Divnich, speaking to NowGamer, “[Wii's] successor’s name will not include the word ‘Wii’. He argued that with Wii, Nintendo had driven the hardcore gamers adrift, and it would be too hard to get them back with a console named after it.

The analyst had no clue how much the new console would cost, but being that it’ll be more powerful than PS3 and Xbox 360, he predicted the range $299 to $349.

More rumors have surfaced concerning specs, with The Kyoto Report claiming Nintendo development teams are working on “tracking systems and head-mounted stereoscopic displays”.

Elsewhere on the web, ugly mock-ups are already surfacing. Per Kotaku, via 4Chan, the first image has landed. See it blow:

We’ll keep you posted as more develops.

Thanks, VG247.

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  • Joseph Garrett

    Well lets just all hope that these images are mock-ups. These look like my fridge.

  • Ernice Gilbert


  • Ernice Gilbert

    It does look like a fridge.

  • nick

    looks allot like my router actually.
    that controller is going to cost a bomb to make!
    will be interesting to see if they go back on motion controls or not.
    i cant see them fitting motion controls into the thing, and if you really can stream games to it, well, its kinda hard to see what your doing if the screens flailing all over the place!
    will be funny watching ninty argue motion controls are irrelevant, after spending the last 5 years arguing the opposite.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    LOL! It does like a router also!

  • nick

    its suppose to look like the original xbox but more rounded.
    in a high gloss polished black plastic like what the black wii has.
    touch sensitive controls on the unit, and with a touch sensitive screen.
    will be interesting to see what type of medium they use.

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