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More God Of War 4 Rumors Unearthed, This Time WIth Online Multiplayer

by Ernice Gilbert on May 9th, 2011, under Development, Hot, News, PS3, Sony

We recently asked gamers were they ready for God of War 4, as a job listing appeared on LinkedIn confirming that Santa Monica was indeed hard at work in Kratos’ fourth major adventure. Now the Official PlayStation Magazine (UK) has in its rumor section that not only is the game under development, it’ll also boast an online mulitplayer component.

Just Cause 3 Rumored To Be Under Development

by Ernice Gilbert on March 27th, 2011, under Hot, PC, PS3, Rumor, Xbox 360

Just Cause 2 came out last year and was well received by many critics, yet fans of the open world game have been wondering whether Square-Enix would release a third installment. It would seem they are.

Danger Close Already Working On New Medal Of Honor

by Ernice Gilbert on February 18th, 2011, under Danger Close, EA, Hot, News

Danger Close, the same developer who handled the Medal Of Honor reboot in tandem with DICE, has already confirmed that its knee-deep in yet another MOH game.

Video Thirst: Splinter Cell 6 Confirmed, Being Helmed “Entirely In Toronto” Update

by Ernice Gilbert on November 29th, 2010, under Hot, News, Ubisoft

UPDATE: Video of confirmation added below the break.

Original Story: Of course there will be another Splinter Cell game. It’s a franchise that’s sold millions upon millions of copies, and has an extremely loyal fanbase. No developer in its right mind would pass that up, and according to Ubisoft’s Jade Raymond, part 6′s already under development.

Development On Gran Turismo 6 Has Already Begun

by Ernice Gilbert on November 4th, 2010, under Hot, News, People Can Fly, Sony

Let’s sing a song shall we? It goes like this: I see the blessings, I see the blessings, I see the blessings 2X. Showers of blessings, showers of blessings – are coming down, are coming down, are coming down, down, down, down!

Gran Turismo 6 is already under development.

Middle Eastern Media Firm Mentions Uncharted 3 As Being Under Development

by Ernice Gilbert on October 20th, 2010, under Naughty Dog, News, Sony

I think we all know now that Uncharted 3 is under development by Naughty Dog. I mean who wouldn’t do another installment of a game that’s sold 4 million copies in one year, holds a steady 96 at metacritic, and won countless GoTY awards? Yet, it’s good to get further confirmation that the highly anticipated sequel’s forthcoming.