Tuesday, May 14, 2013

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Composer’s Resume Lists God Of War IV As Upcoming Project


This isn’t smoke any longer, the God of War 4 rumors that’s been making the rounds lately have all but confirmed the title as being under development, and may even see a release sometime this year. But for the doubters, more evidence has emerged, this time from a composer’s game resume which lists God of War for as one of ... Read More »

More God Of War 4 Rumors Unearthed, This Time WIth Online Multiplayer

We recently asked gamers were they ready for God of War 4, as a job listing appeared on LinkedIn confirming that Santa Monica was indeed hard at work in Kratos’ fourth major adventure. Now the Official PlayStation Magazine (UK) has in its rumor section that not only is the game under development, it’ll also boast an online mulitplayer component. Read More »

Are You Ready For God Of War 4?

Just when you thought Kratos was off to Hawaii to sip on some champaign whilst watching Greek women roam the beaches, the god of war has yet another mission he must complete. A mission titled God of War 4. Read More »

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