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Uncharted 3 Beta Hits 1 Million Players, Join Us For Another Gamesthirst Game Night!

by Ernice Gilbert on July 8th, 2011, under Hot, News, PS3, Sony

Sony and Naughty Dog’s announced that the Uncharted 3 beta has been played by over a million players since it went live last Tuesday. The developer’s since then updated the beta three time, fixing bugs amongst other things, and gamers are mostly pleased with the offering. We’re pleased too, and because we had lots of fun last Sunday night, we’re doing it again!

PlayStation Network Goes Offline For Maintenance On Tuesday

by Ernice Gilbert on May 27th, 2011, under Hot, News, PS3, PSN, Sony

Seems as if we’re down to the wire where PSN’s concerned, as Sony’s said it’ll take down the service as it undergoes maintenance in preparation for the PS Store’s inevitable return.

“Jerks” Should Pay Extra For Games, Says Valve Boss

by Ernice Gilbert on May 17th, 2011, under Hot, News, Valve

There are two types of people playing games online according to Valve boss Gabe Newell, the “jerks” who stink up servers and cause other gamers to turn away, and the “likeable” ones who are fun to play with and whenever they come online, other gamers flock to them.

In like manner, the “stinkers” should be charged extra to play, and the “likeables” should be given games free of charge.

In Memoriam: Good Bye, Offline

by Ernice Gilbert on May 4th, 2011, under Gaming, Hot, Opinion Piece

Many a gamer might disagree with me, but offline gameplay is nearing its end.

PS3 Should Not Be Called A “Game Machine” Says Sony

by Ernice Gilbert on March 31st, 2011, under Hot, News, Sony

You watch movies with it, listen to music with it, stream content and surfe the internet all on your PS3, but most importantly, you play games on the console, right? I know. But Sony thinks the latter is just piece of the immense cake that’s the PS3, therefore we should not call it a games machine.

Video Thirst: Introducing The inFamous 2 Player Creation Suite – The Full Quencher

by Ernice Gilbert on March 2nd, 2011, under Action, GDC, Hot, News, Sony

Yesterday Sucker Punch said it would reveal a secret its held for 2 years, and late last night the developer kept its promise by unveiling the all new inFamous 2 player creation suite, a new feature allowing gamers to create their own content, complete with tools to do the job.

The full quencher, including video and screens, is past the break.

PlayStation Plus Is “Very Successful” Says Sony

by Ernice Gilbert on December 4th, 2010, under News, Sony

Sony decided not to follow Microsoft’s Xbox Live way of making money through its online service, a system that charges its users a fee to play games online. It’s a system that’s worked for MS, helping the company make hundreds of millions in profit. Sony saw the potential a chargeable service held, but the giant wasn’t willing to make its own online effort, PSN, one where you’d be forced to pay a fee if you wanted to game.

What the Sony had in mind was to offer a service that would give those who joined, exclusive content that would not be available for regular PSN users, and so they came up with the idea of PlayStation Plus. Thing is, you’re not forced to join, and so the decision’s left to the gamer on whether he’d want to be part of it or not. In other words, it’s not guaranteed money for Sony, and at the end of the day, the content offered is what would entice gamers in.

So how’s it going thus far? According to Sony, [PlayStation Plus] has been “very successful”.

Video Thirst: New DC Online Trailer Is Rather Insane – Gives You Options

by Ernice Gilbert on August 18th, 2010, under News, Sony, Warner Bros.

DC Online Universe has a new trailer that will fill your nostrils with nostalgic juices. Characters you’ll remember, places you’re more than guaranteed to recognize.

Come see for yourself past the break.

On June 17th, Onlive Will Launch In The US

by Ernice Gilbert on March 10th, 2010, under OnLive

Mike McGarvey, Onlive COO has revealed to MCV that Onlive will launch in the US on June 17th, compatible with PC and Mac on day one.

NPD: Online Gaming Up 10 Percent In US

by Ernice Gilbert on March 4th, 2010, under Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony

According to Gamasutra, a report recently released from NPD claims online gaming increased by 10 percent in the US in 2009. Apparently, you’ve been gaming hard online.