Tuesday, July 23, 2013

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Playstation Store update coming October 17, looks sweet


Sony revealed a redesigned Playstation Store today, which not only looks like a brand new beast, but also functions a whole lot differently — and better for the users. The user interface is broken into sections for games, TV and movies on the front page, while the whole concept will revolve around a “Hero”; doing away with the old, Playstation-themed ... Read More »

PlayStation Store Lands On Sony Tablet S

Sony’s joined the Tablet madness (a bit late) with it’s all new Sony Tablet S. It features most of what the other popular competitors like the Samsung Galaxy and iPad 2 features, but it comes with something else. A feature that’s unique to Sony and PlayStation fans. You’ll recognize it immediately: The PlayStation Store. Read More »

PlayStation Store Is Back Up In The Caribbean

You’ve been waiting patiently like a young stud waiting to marry a virgin; like a lion patiently noting all its prey’s paths. Like a tree who hasn’t seen rain for a while – and now, your diligence has paid off. In the Caribbean, the PlayStation Store is back online. Read More »

PS3 Cross-Game Chat Tomorrow?

Ever since the PS3 launched back in 2006, the online feature gamers have been most adamant about is cross-game chat. Have they received it? No. But we’re now in 2011 and just recently the PlayStation Network was breached, resulting in one of the internet’s biggest security lapses. For three weeks the network remained “under maintenance” while Sony sorted the service. ... Read More »

Thirsty Conversations: “Welcome Back Pack” Edition

Come Tuesday, if all goes well, the PlayStation Store will reopen for business after being down for a full month. That’s all kinds of awesome in many ways. First, we get to play all the great demos, purchase DLC and get some other goodies that’s been sitting idle since the PSN hack, but most importantly, we’ll get to redeem our ... Read More »

PSN Devs Speak On Outage, Feel The Pain

If you are late for work, don’t worry, you’ll make it. If you’re sick and can’t go in for a day or two, you are still in good shape – give thanks while you can. Because although the aforesaid are inconveniences, they’re nothing compared to what PSN developers are facing, as with PSN being down for three weeks, they’re left ... Read More »

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