Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Cerny: PS4 Will Blur The Line Between CGI And Captured Video

Cerny: PS4 Will Blur The Line Between CGI And Captured Video

PlayStation 4′s chief architect Mark Cerny has said that the new console, set to be released holiday season 2013, will blur the lines between CGI and captured video.

“We are at the point in the PlayStation 4 generation where we will forget sometimes that we’re looking at CGI rather than captured video,” Cerny told Edge in a recent interview.

When asked why not simply use video if the case made above is accurate, Cerny admitted that PS4 won’t be able to consistently render such stunning quality.

“I don’t think it will be indistinguishable,” he said. “I just think that at times we’ll be able to forget, and it will depend on lighting and depend on the scene. But there will be moments when you forget. I don’t think we’ll be consistently able to be at that point so if you used video, you really would be drawing attention to the fact that the actors really don’t exist in the game’s world.”

Elsewhere, Cerny revealed that it costs “tens of millions of dollars to do what film can do on many levels for just a few hundred thousand dollars. It took a while for the technology to get to the point where we could really put something compelling in there on the narrative side.”

Rumors have been floating around for months now concerning the prowess difference between PS4 and Xbox One, with all concluding the the former console is more powerful, by some estimates up to 50 percent.

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    And there we go again. $0ny’s typical overhype that will underdeliver routine. $0ny should just keep their pauperstation mouths shut, especially serial killer Cerny.

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    Mark Cerny blurs the line between reality and the PR BS. Now PS4 players
    wont know if they are watching netflix a bluray, or accidentally put a
    game in their system. I think it can create complications.


    That’s what I need, a true next-gen console. One that will get me
    excited about games again, not a machine that
    puts Kinect first and TV above the gamer.