Monday, September 8, 2014
Call of Duty: Ghosts Is Looking Better Than Battlefield 4 – Screenshots Inside

Call of Duty: Ghosts Is Looking Better Than Battlefield 4 – Screenshots Inside

Never thought I’d meet the day when I’d reckon to myself, and to you, that screenshots in of a Call of Duty game looks better than those of a Battlefield title. But that’s exactly what I’m doing today, because Call of Duty: Ghosts simply looks better than Battlefield 4.

Call of Duty: Ghosts




Call of Duty: Ghosts vs Battlefield 4 – Trailer Comparison, courtesy Gametrailers:

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  • afrpain

    hoping this is not one of the 15 exclusives M$ is considering :)

  • lucas823

    Not gameplay. Don’t care.

  • Halduke

    being a fan of both, I still think BF4′s engine and overall graphics are better. Evident when you see the skin of the guys and the water… and about dynamics and destruction… still BF4 is way ahead COD. What it seems better in COD as previous versions, is the story and the mood of it.

  • Me

    That’s not a good comparison. You are showing the Call of Duty reveal trailer against the actual gameplay of Battlefield 4. Call of Duty should have looked better. The reveal trailer has been enhanced dozens of times to make the graphics look much better than the actual gameplay. We won’t know the Call of Duty graphics until we see the actual gameplay.

  • oka ananta

    that’s right, bf4 is better than that old piece of crap cod

  • JaredLemonSauce

    If you see them full screen. Its obvious which is better. Battlefield has better graphics, every one who has eyes can see that. Frostbite 3 is absolutely beautiful when in the jungle clip of call of duty has a sun beam coming from the wrong direction so what does that tell you?

  • goosefrappa

    what a load of nonsense, th BF4 gameplay on the right was still better than the trailer movie of cod on the left especially particles, shading e.t.c did you put this article out to stir up hits on the web page, well it worked I suppose

  • Someone

    Hahaha! You compare edited photos and trailers from the publisher of CoD with real ingame content of BF4?! :D Someone should fire this idiot from his seat! Every ape can do this job better!

  • BF4Player

    Only one shit market wall could destroy
    Who post this shit up
    which fucktard

  • Dude

    Dude then you should get some glasses really soon, Bf 4 owns cod by a mile

  • derp

    so your showing bf4 gameplay pics and vids and cod ghost storyline pics and vids? storyline is a prepared video which cant change, so its easy to make it look epic. Show us gamplay footage of cod ghosts or noone will believe you