Sunday, September 14, 2014
PS4 Still Sitting Comfortably Atop GameStop Bestsellers Chart

PS4 Still Sitting Comfortably Atop GameStop Bestsellers Chart

Even after Microsoft banished its DRM plans for Xbox One, Sony’s PS4 is still ruling GameStop’s bestsellers chart following its overwhelmingly positive E3 press conference.

Not only is the console number 1 on the chart, a PS4 Call of Duty: Ghosts bundle sits at number 2, while Gran Turismo 6 sits in 3rd place, and Xbox One fourth. Yet that’s not all, go further down the list and you’ll see two more PS4 bundles in the top ten, along with DualShock 4.

Xbox One appears only once on the top ten list, a troubling sign if you’re Microsoft.

There’s yet some good news for gargantuan company, however, as Xbox One is currently number 1 on Amazon US, however PS4 has two SKUS in the top ten, and Sony’s The Last of Us sits in second place after dominating the charts leading up to, and upon its release.

These charts change in a blink, so by the time you look the order may have shifted, but it’s amazing to see how PS4 has stood its ground even after all the backpedaling from Microsoft, and goes to show the strength of the PlayStation brand.

Have you preordered a next generation console? If so, which one did you put down money for?


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  • Admin

    Why would this stop me from getting Xbox.
    If I were to listen to majority then I’d probably play COD, and listen to JB, and read Twilight books.
    PS always sold most. I bought the PS3 ended up selling it, the games are just simply boring.

  • the human

    shut up already. people like you needs to throw yourself off a bridge. how can you say you dont listen to “majority” if your currently owning an item that 1 you either saw on tv 2 heard from a friend or 3 saw on the internet. drop your carcass somewhere

  • RiftDisruptor .

    Ok… but you are no gamer.


    I sort of agree with admin why would stop me from getting the Xbox one? I too owned a playstation 3 but the only good games released for sony’s PS consoles to me were Ratchet and clank, crash bandicoot based games and Spyro based games (the older Spyro was better) but Xbox had so many more exciting exclusives I


    (Continued from before as it stopped me from typing ) Xbox also gave birth to a new love for me and that love was HALO.. Now I played Infamous and god of war but they did not interest me too much and I found them all round bad plays but that’s my opinion and I stand by it and kudos for your opinion of it as well but all in all ill be getting me an XBOX One and plugged my Xbox 360 into it via it HDMI port :) and maybe my windows 8 PC when I get around to getting myself one :)

  • ernicegilbert

    You’re being silly. PlayStation has the most amazing exclusives on any console. The Uncharted series, The Last of Us, God of War, Gran Turismo, Killzone, Metal Gear Solid (most have been exclusive to the platform), Resistance, Ratchet and Clank, LittleBigPlanet, Journey, Unfinished Swan, Tearaway, Killzone, InFamous and there are a great amount of new IPs incoming.

    I just don’t see where you’re coming from at all.

  • Batman

    Ernie pretty much won that debate. Anyway, get whatever you like. That’s the benefit from having a brain to make your own informed decisions, I just simply don’t trust a company or politician that continuously changes their stance and policies. I’m not spending $500 for uncertainty. Also, never heard you can plug in your Xbox 360 into the Xbox One.

  • Guest

    It has an HDMI input, so you can, but it’d mostly be pointless as you’d have to have both consoles on, which is a waste of electricity.

    I’d have to agree with the Microsoft fanboys above, though. If I wanted to play Left 4 Dead, Gears, Mass Effect, or Oblivion, you needed a 360 (at least initially. ME never came to PS3 and Oblivion took an additional year). For my PS3 I own four or so games I would consider to be fantastic exclusives. Journey, Tokyo Jungle, Last of Us, Heavy Rain and soon, hopefully, Beyond: Two Souls (still need to check out Ni No Kuni). Infamous never appealed to me because of games like Prototype (which was cross platform). Resistance and Killzone have always been a bore, as far as I’m concerned (there’s a reason those games don’t have near the following Halo, Gears, CoD, or Battlefield have… They aren’t that great). While Last of Us is easily one of my favorite games to date, I really don’t understand the love for the Uncharted Series. I found a lot of the dialogue and writing to be cringe-worthy. GTA 4 looked like ass on PS3 as did both Fallouts. Also, Skyrim was unplayable… While I’m still undecided on which console I’ll get, these are the issues I had with my PS3.

  • Devon Humpert

    PS4 has 3 SKU’s in the top 10 in the US by the way, not 2. Standard Edition, BF4 bundle and Watchdogs Bundle. Not to mention the “Launch Edition” PS4 is already sold out while the Day One Edition of the Xbox One is still available.

  • Guest

    Oh, and XBL absolutely crushes PSN… and it should, as you have to pay for it. Just saying– Sony has a lot of ground to cover there if they’re going to ask that we start paying for PSN.

  • Matt Blattner

    not getting into the heat of the discussion but want to comment on the PSN getting crushed. Ive never had a problem playing anything online and have had a PS3 since a few months after launch. ill admit there store is slow as crap which is annoying but i also paid $50 this year for PS+ and have gotten over $300 worth of stuff for like $20 in the past 2 months….XBL cant compare to that. but again its as youve said, its personal preference!

  • bstar

    you said xbox has more exciting exclusives but only named halo . . .

  • Ravenlore

    Why would anything stop people from buying anything… IF you want to be independent there is the SHIELD, Ouya, or Game Stick.

    And that Story about you owning a PS3… well CSB. (cool story Bro) What games?? And how are they any different than those ONLY on Xbox 360? Only difference is that there are a lot more Exclusive games from First and Second party developers on PS3. Not to mention Indie.

    So I guess I do not understand why you felt the need to BABBLE about such nonsense in the first place, as again you as everyone has the right to buy what ever they want.

  • Ravenlore

    … sounds sort of like Admin made a different account. WOW Microsoft PR determent in full effect. . . . “SO Many more exclusives… Halo” . . WTF. First YES halo is a great game… but it is not the best FPS and there are SOO many.
    …anyway no one is swaying anyone in any direction….

  • myquietroom

    You will have to start paying for it..thats been announced for a while now..

  • myquietroom

    Ive been an xbox ‘fanboy’ for the last 6 years. Never been interested in the PS3..until the last of us was im itching to play it. Alas..since all of the reveals and horrible choices by Microsoft I’ve preordered the PS4 and literally cant f’ing wait for it. It looks superior in every way in my opinion. Ive never cared that much about the tv side of the consoles and as long as ps4 can play netflix and keep releasing amazing exclusives they will destroy microsoft.

  • Øystein Hjelle Melle

    Is it wrong to not want the retarded xbox fanboys on my team in the “console wars”? I don’t want my online fps to be filled with screaming 14 year olds..

  • randy

    Stop being a blind fanboy as there are NO exclusive spiro or crash bandiccot games on ps3. You are just being ignorant. Do you know that the best game of the gen was releaseds on ps3? (the last of us).

  • Scott Buch

    You will have to pay for both on next gen. About time too, i was sick of missing out on exclusives because sony didn’t have the cash.