Friday, September 5, 2014

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Quenchables: PS4 Preorders “Very Strong” In Japan


Sony Japan and Asia President Hiroshi Kawano has made mention to Japanese games magazine Famitsu that PS4 preorders are “very strong” in Japan, and production of the console has been enhanced to meet demand. He also said that anyone who preorders before the year’s out will get the console on day one when it launches early next, and stressed that, while ... Read More »

1.5 million PS4s have been preordered


At GamesCom 2013, Sony announced that it had garnered 1 million PS4 preorders since E3 in June 2013, and also mentioned that the numbers were continuously climbing. But since then, when asked for new numbers by different outlets multiple times, Sony refused to give one. Why? We don’t know, but Wedbush Morgan securities analyst, Michael Pachter, apparently knows how many ... Read More »

Sony Able To Sell Every PS4 It Makes, Yields Are Phenomenal


Sony’s been riding a wave of success like we haven’t seen since the PS2 days — and this one seems to be even greater, with “millions” of preorders for the console, and demand that’s hard to keep up with, yet Sony Computer Entertainment CEO and President Jack Tretton, has told Fox News that they’re holding back some stock for launch, ... Read More »

UK Gamers Warned: Preorder Your PS4 Before August 5th


PS4 preorders are hustling off retail outlets as millions of gamers secure their day one purchases, and UK gamers who want to get their hands on the console exactly when it launches are being warned to preorder before August 5th, as retail sources close to CVG have told the site that Sony intends to halt day one preordering on the ... Read More »

On Amazon And At GameStop, PS4 Is Dominating


All of last week and over the weekend, Sony’s new console, the PS4, has been dominating positive mind share and has taken over the sales charts of Amazon and leads by high margins over its competitor at retailers like GameStop. It’s a result of the ruckus and successful press conference Sony held at E3 for the console, where it announced ... Read More »

PS4 Outpacing Xbox One Preorders, Early Data Suggests


Early preorder data from major U.S. retailers show PlayStation 4 outpacing Xbox One approximately three PS4 Units for every two Xbox One consoles during the period between Monday June 10th to Wednesday June 12th. It’s early data, to be sure, but this is a sign that Sony’s message resonated more with consumers than that of Microsoft’s Xbox One. Read More »