Thursday, August 22, 2013
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Agent Is Not Dead

Agent Is Not Dead

Rockstar, in a bid to keep relevant the naming rights of its elusive PS3-exclusive game dubbed Agent, has renewed a pair of trademarks to protect the title’s name and its logo, more pointedly the fact that it has ”the shape of a handgun comprising the internal section of the letter ‘G’”.

Unearthed by Siliconera, the renewed trademarks are the first indication in a very long time that Rockstar, the Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption developer has interest in keeping Agent alive.

Big question now is, will the game still be exclusive to the PlayStation brand? We know Sony is somehow tied into the equation, as the company initially was said to be funding the project. That deal eventually fell apart, we heard, so who’s to say what will happen.

Maybe a next-gen multiplatform release? Sounds great to me.

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  • Jason

    My fingers are crossed

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