Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Titanfall Also Coming To PS4

Titanfall Also Coming To PS4

When EA and Respawn Entertainment debuted Titfanfall at Microsoft’s Xbox E3 press conference in June, 2013, the game was pinned as coming to Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. But when asked on multiple occasions whether the game would come to PS3 and PS4, Respawn Entertainment didn’t deny it would, stating, “we want to be everywhere”.

Now, a person with knowledge of the situation has told Gamesthirst that Titanfall would indeed come to PS4 – that person wasn’t sure about a PS3 version of the game, however. According to the person, Microsoft “overpaid” EA to keep Titanfall exclusive to Xbox One “for a limited time”, but couldn’t hold back a PC version from being developed.

Not all within Respawn Entertainment was happy by the move though, the person said, but since EA’s the one basically bank rolling the start up studio, the decision was “out of their hands”.

Could this be the reason for Jason West, Respawn Entertainment’s co-founder departure? It’s not known for sure why he left, but rumor has it West retired because of family reasons. Yet it strikes me as weird that, after going through so much to get a brand new studio going, you up and leave almost immediately after. Maybe West was simply tired of being pushed back and forth by corporate giants? We may never know.

But the good news here is Titanfall will make its way onto PS4 sooner than we thought, according to the person. Apparently PS4′s current performance, with over 1 million consoles already preordered, has gotten to EA.

The most visible sign of this, is that when the game was shown at EA’s GamesCom press conference yesterday, no platforms were mentioned, only that it would be released next year.


When asked by Eurogamer if Titanfall will ever be released on PS4, Titanfall lead artist Joel Emslie said:

“It’s definitely not out of the question,” Emslie replied. “We have a huge appreciation for the fans. Coming out and showing it to everybody, we’re super nervous and wanted to make sure everybody loved it. We love all our fans, whatever console they support.

“So yeah. We want to make everybody happy, but this is where we’re at right now.”

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  • Nikolas Lay

    I’m kind of doubting the credibility of this artical

  • ernicegilbert

    That’s okay Nikolas. Know one says you have to believe us, or our source.

  • Nikolas Lay

    Just saying out of a business perspective here, the game is only coming out on microsoft platforms (i.e. Xbox360 XboxOne, windows) this would be because Microsoft rolled the bankroll for the project, they would have had to sign an exclusive contract for a limited amount of time bare minimum with Microsoft. That’s not to say it wont be a Mass Effect case where it will eventually hit multi-platform. It would be more reasonable to say if it gets a sequel (which come on its EA) it will be on all platforms unless still under contract. So I was just curious as to where this came from there was no cited source and just seemed very opinionated and not very charitable. Not to be an ass about the thing just voicing an opinion myself

  • ernicegilbert

    Well their a many ways a deal can be signed. There are many claws that are set in place for “what if” situations. And it’s not unique to see a game be exclusive for just a time. Many, many games come to mind, chief of them Mass Effect.

    And people never cite their sources, bro, that’s not the nature of the business.

  • ernicegilbert

    Also, I don’t think you’re being an “ass”. You have some good points.

  • Nikolas Lay

    well thanks for not thinking I’m being an ass, I just thought I would strike up a conversation on the whole thing. But I just felt the title was a bit misleading this is more a Rumor then news I guess is my point

  • Ghost250

    it’s not really a rumor even the developer of titanfall said that we could see it possibly coming to other platforms later down the line. microsoft didn’t fund this game all they did was throw money at EA to make it exclusive for a time being. games like dead rising 3 or ryse would never come to playstation for the simple fact that microsoft funded those games themselves. the only possible way to get those games to other platforms is if the publishing rights are either bought or expired.

  • ernicegilbert

    Well said, Ghost.

  • Crash Ōkami

    Didn’t Microsoft publish the first Mass Effect? So, by extension, funded it? When EA acquired the full rights to the franchise, it went to the Playstation 3 as well. So, since EA is now the full holder of the rights, it wouldn’t be unbelievable to see it be an exclusive until, say, next year’s May, and then jump onto the Playstation 4.

  • Joe_HTH

    LOL! What an article. Everybody knew it was coming to PS4 at some point, but it will be at least a year before that happens, and by that time the damage has already been done.

  • Thaddeus Whithed

    I think most people expected this game to arrive on PS4 at some point. The exclusivity deal may only be for 6 months, making the PS4 version a holiday 2014 release.

    The thing that hurts Microsoft the most though, is actually the 360 version. If the 360 version is competent, then many people may be satisfied grabbing that version & waiting a little longer to jump into the next gen. The longer people wait, the more likely it is that one of these consoles will emerge as the better choice. Could be either one. But if its the PS4, then Microsoft may lose a lot of customers that may have upgraded to get the killer app, TitanFall, but just got the 360 version instead. They probably should have paid EA a little more to kill the 360 version.

  • Gnodab

    I dont really understand the hype for this game, sure it looks fun but the SCIFI art style is extremely generic, the graphics does not look next gen imo it looks like it could be a PS3 game, It’s only multiplayer, i dont want to pay 60$ for a MP only game. Plus i remember MW2, everyone was praising it to have the best MP ever but after a couple weeks of playing you noticed how unbalanced and flawed the game really was.

  • mrHelper

    Even though it might go to ps4, you can not put the title of the article as if it actually is. If it has not been officially stated by respawn or ea then there is no point in misleading people. Should have named the title “Titanfall may go to PS4″. Just cause there is a “source” does not make it credible. Come on people