Saturday, April 13, 2013

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Quick Quenchers: Xbox Exec Wouldn’t Wish PSN Hack “Upon Anybody”

“It’s bad for the industry that this has happened to Sony. It’s very, very bad. It’s very damaging. So we don’t wish that upon anybody and you’ve seen we’ve been actually pretty quiet on the subject because we don’t want to appear to even be looking to be taking advantage of somebody else’s situation like that. That’s just not in ... Read More »

Get Ready: PSN Is Coming Back Soon

If the weather’s gloomy, you can expect rain, if the anti-Christ has shown his face, expect the return of the real Messiah. If your wife is pregnant, expect a child, so now that we’re seeing the right signs coming from across the industry concerning PSN, we know the network’s return is sooner rather than later. Read More »

Five Reasons Why PSN’s Return Might Be Taking So Long

Are you not infuriated at Sony? Because I know I am. The PlayStation Network was hacked three weeks ago, and Sony’s yet to bring back the service online, and the entire industry’s feeling the blow. Developers are feeling it too, with Capcom now complaining of “millions” in lost revenue. But at the end of the day, no one feels the ... Read More »

PSN Won’t Be Fully Restored Until May 31st, Online Gameplay By This Week

Today marks the 19th day since PSN went offline, and speaking to Bloomberg, the company’s said full restoration of the service won’t happen until May 31st. Partial online gaming will happen, however, and although that was supposed to common last week, problems with Sony Online Entertainment caused the firm to delay PSN’s return. But like we said in this post, ... Read More »

Sony Offers Free Identity Protection Service Through DEBIX

In wake of the PSN hack that saw over 70 million accounts breached, with sensitive information such as first and last name, date of birth, address and possibly sensitive credit card information being exposed, Sony’s gone the extra mile and is now providing those affected (that’d be all of us) with free AllClear ID Plus protection through a deal it’s ... Read More »

To You, From Howard Stringer

Sony’s faced hell these last few weeks, from the massive PSN hack to SOE also going offline. But there’s a silver lining after every dark cloud, and it seems Sony’s “lovely day” is around the corner. Via the US PS Blog, the company announced that it’s in the final stages of PSN testing, and now the firm’s chairman, Sir Howard ... Read More »