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By Ernice Gilbert, January 14, 2012 6 Apple, Article, Gaikai, OnLive

Tweet Two weeks have already zoomed by in 2012 and before you know it January will be waving us goodbye… it’s already doing that. So before the month’s up, I decided to take a look ahead at what gaming has… Read More »

OnLive Out This Week In The UK

By Joseph Garrett, September 19, 2011 6 OnLive

Tweet OnLive has been around for a while now and is deemed by many to be the future of gaming. It isn’t without it’s faults with connection limitations standing out as the biggest but this new cloud gaming software will… Read More »

Deus Ex: Human Revolution ‘Missing Link’ Pack Unveiled, Teaser Trailer Inside

By Ernice Gilbert, September 8, 2011 4 Hot, News, OnLive, PSN, Square-Enix, Steam, Xbox Live

Tweet Square-Enix has let loose information on Deus Ex: Human Revolution DLC dubbed ‘Missing Link’, sending with it new screens and a teaser trailer.

Onlive Micro-Console Launches On December 2nd, For $99. Pre-order It Now

By Ernice Gilbert, November 18, 2010 3 News, OnLive

Tweet Will cloud gaming ever take off? Well the Onlive, the “cloud gaming” service introduced at 2009′s E3, will finally be going on sale this December in the form of a micro-console for the reasonable price of $99. Cloud gaming… Read More »

OnLive: A Revolution In Gaming

By schme, March 15, 2010 0 Gaming News, OnLive

Tweet Recently I read an article about a new idea called Onlive. If you haven’t heard about it before it is a new way of playing games on your PC, MAC or even TV by buying them off the internet… Read More »

Mark Rein “Blown Away” By Onlive

By Ernice Gilbert, March 12, 2010 3 Epic Games, OnLive

Tweet Onlive is set to do big things, like taking you away from your console and wooing you over to its revolutionary form of playing games. Online, no console just play. How does that sound?

On June 17th, Onlive Will Launch In The US

By Ernice Gilbert, March 10, 2010 2 OnLive

Tweet Mike McGarvey, Onlive COO has revealed to MCV that Onlive will launch in the US on June 17th, compatible with PC and Mac on day one.