Friday, December 19, 2014
PSN Now Down, Will Be For The Next 14hrs

PSN Now Down, Will Be For The Next 14hrs

The PSN maintenance Sony postponed a few days ago is now in effect and will last for the next 14hrs. Go do something else.

The Official PlayStation Blog has also been brought down for maintenance, so you’ll have to follow the official PlayStation twitter feed for info concerning the downtime.

Maintenance, this time around, will boot everyone, so no gaming if you’re already logged in, because you’ll be logged off.

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  • Matthew DeVito

    This made me sad. I wanted to play some Street Fighter before bed and then PSN went down. :(

  • nick

    what the!?
    out of all the days they could do it, they do it on a sunday!?
    the day everyones off work?
    monday – saturday allot of people work, but almost everyone has sunday off so they decide to do it then.
    the day where the most amount of people want to get online.
    yup, this is EXACTLY why $ony is stone cold dead last this gen!
    and always will be!
    i swear to god these idiots really do have the organizational skills of a freaking baboon!

  • foxton

    so when will this be finished?

  • Ernice Gilbert

    It’ll be done anytime now. It’s about 14hrs now anyway.

  • foxton

    excellent, as long as its finished by the time i get home from work! its nice that they have done over night here in the UK for once, normally the down time appears to suit the US.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yeah, agreed. I think they wanted to do some Vita integration, etc.