Weekend Quencher 03/09/12 – Allnighter, Edition


The game was Donkey Kong Country on Super Nintendo. I was between the ages of 12-13, it was a Friday evening and I invited my friends over to the house. An allnighter was the goal. We’d play games 6pm to 6am nonstop, and so said, so done. It was one of the most memorable nights of gaming for me.

We played DKC, we played Killer Instinct, Contra, TMNT and yes, we played some good ole Super Mario World. Those days, I reckon, will never come back. However in lieu of them, I’ll strive for a different experience.

An allnighter, yes, but this time with my friends from all over the world. From France to UK, Germany to Nick’s country (Australia), I’ll play games will friends tonight in remembrance of the old days. Hey, it’s a brave new world, care to join?

It’s the weekend, friends, what are you playing?

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Ernice Gilbert here. Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Gamesthirst. Thanks for stopping by, make yourself at home!

6 Comments on "Weekend Quencher 03/09/12 – Allnighter, Edition"

  1. nick March 10, 2012 at 5:52 am -

    ive never done a all nighter, i never last.
    i remember every weekend i would invite friends over or go over there and try to stay up all night but it never worked.
    so instead we took turns, we actually restored out designated sleeping slots so technically we pulled a all nighter because there was always someone up while everyone else slept.
    sometimes it worked well, sometimes not because kids being kids we always played pranks on those asleep.
    i remember once a friend of mine justin was asleep so we sprayed shaving cream all over his face and he woke up screaming scared something bit him.
    or of course the old hand in the bowl of water trick.
    ill be going to the skin farm tomorrow to get some of my skin back, god i hate puppies my granmothers dog has almost skinned me alive!
    gets so itchy too…….
    i tried a little of the MP from ME3 last night.
    god thats freaking hard!
    its really stupid, you have such little health and the standard grunts can withstand 3 shotgun shells to the face!
    god i HATE it when games do that!
    if you have low health then shouldent enemies too?
    i mean come on, a shotgun should be a instant kill especially when its to the face!
    even the sniper rifle takes 2 shots to kill enemies.
    the challenges are really annoying too, kill all the enemies in like 3 minutes for example.
    i wish instead of doing a stupid horde mode they did story based co-op.
    would of been awesome doing a co-op based mode like what BF3 or others offer.
    horde mode is being milked so much lately, its really starting to get annoying!
    id be ok if you had strategic tools to use like gears 3 where you have turrets, barricades, things like that to strategicly place around the map.
    but you dont, its just sit here and kill everything in sight.

  2. newyearnewrule March 10, 2012 at 5:57 am -

    To do a successful all nighter, one must be thoroughly prepared. Coffee and all. But love all nighters but it’s no easy task.

  3. Ernice Gilbert March 10, 2012 at 6:01 am -

    @Newrule, you’re right. It’s hard to do that stuff. I failed last night. Was simply too much to handle. Was a bit tired and therefore I crashed. Haha. I’ll try again. Perhaps tonight.

  4. Ernice Gilbert March 10, 2012 at 6:02 am -

    @Nick: You guys had it all planned out, didn’t you. Nice plan. But what do you mean by you’ve been “skinned”?

  5. nick March 10, 2012 at 11:44 am -

    dog keeps using me as his chew toy.
    coffee has never worked on me, i can drink several cups of it and 5 minutes later ill be counting sheep.
    we had everything, ice cream, pizza, coffee, coke, and none of it worked.
    probably does not help that it gets really dark really early here, come 5PM its pretty much pitch black if theres no stars out.
    i remember when we were on the cruse for our first night it was so scary.
    2 in the morning i was on the top deck staring into the abyss.
    its amazing how your at home thinking its dark, but you truly never know dark till your in the middle of the ocean.
    no stars what so ever, it was so dark you could not see your own feet!

  6. foxton March 12, 2012 at 9:37 am -

    I did all dayers and allnighters regularly with KZ2 :) would play clan matches with a rival japanese clan mid aftternoon, then up tilll midnight ish id play with my fellow english, scottish and european friends, then about 1-2am the americans came onboard, id stay up and have a laugh with them till 7-8am even later sometimes, set my alarm for a couple of hours kip, and then get ready for another 12v12 clan match with our Japanese rivals again! Man those days were amazing!! I

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