Wednesday, January 29, 2014
Apple Announces New iPad With A5X Processor, Available March 16th

Apple Announces New iPad With A5X Processor, Available March 16th

It’s official, Apple has lifted the lid on its new tablet, and as expected, the machine is quite beastly. Details below.

According to Engadget, the new iPad packs “a Retina display, potentially making it the most pixel-packed slate on the market. The 9.7-inch screen plays host to 3.1 million pixels in a 2048 x 1536 arrangement, or 264ppi.” The new model has an A5X processor and quad-core graphics chip. Apple also claims that the new iPad isfour-times the performance of a Tegra 3.

The new iPad is LTE-ready. It sports a 21Mbps HSPA+, and also includes an LTE radio “capable of pulling down 73Mbps on both Verizon and AT&T here in the US.”

Post-PC World

“We think that iPad is the poster child of the post-PC world,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook. “The momentum behind iPad has been incredible and it has surprised virtually everyone.

When we set out to create the iPad we set out to create not just a new product but a new category. In order to do that, the iPad had to be the best device for doing some of the things that you do most often. This is remarkable for a device that has been on the market for less than two years.”

Cook said when asked what do people use the iPad to do the most, playing games – even more than consoles was the number one answer. Browsing the web was just as high.

The new iPad will be available March 16th, starting at $499 for the 16GB WiFi model and scaling up to $829 for the 64GB version with 4G…

… One last thing, what’s its name? iPad 3, or iPad HD. Call it whatever you like.

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  • Game Caviar

    well this is good and I like the $499 price although they are still killing themselves by not having Flash on their devices.

  • Joshua Tompkins

    I agree with game caviar. I was supper excited about the announcement until i noticed that flash is still not included. It is the only thing keeping me from getting one.

  • CaribbeanCLANK

    Wasn’t there a “new” iPad not too long ago?? Typical Apple….I will NEVER waste my money on an iPad.

  • ttbounty

    Clank, that was a year ago

  • nick

    this is exactly the problem with apple lately!
    everything they release is the same old same old just higher spec.
    come on guys, is this really the best you can do?
    what happened to the apple which came out and revolutionized the industry!?
    sigh, no wonder samsung is kicking the royal crap out of everyone!

  • foxton

    wat an absolute load of toss, im with caribbean clank. Apple will never get a single penny off me.
    So basically all theyve done is increase the pixels and put a new graphics chip in?
    Im still unsure as to what they can actually do that a smart phone or laptop cant???
    and £659 for 64gb 4g version? unbeliveable.
    Cant wait till tablets come with windows 8 hopefully that will halt this barbaric, unecessary steamrollering of putting out hardly improved models just to make another $trillion.
    And the worse thing is, is that people are actually lapping these things up!
    By 2015 there will be an iphone 17 and ipad 23′s at this rate!!

  • CaribbeanCLANK

    @ttbounty….it may have been a year ago but it isn’t a big enough change to justify purchasing it. Apple is rolling out these so called new products much too quickly. I guess it’s the consumers’ fault as we gobble up all the crap they dish out.

  • ttbounty

    @Clank so true it is the consumer’s fault but you cannot blame Apple

    Technology is moving at an alarming pace and they need to keep up or get out.

    New pcs come out every month, Android tablets come out every month and Samsung the biggest launch a new one every 3 mths. If you get into tablets Apple will look like new products are slow to release and this goes for their phones as well.

  • smoge

    Hum, TechThirst… Why no love for the simcity 5? I’m rely thirsty for simcity 5, not iPad the new.