Sunday, August 17, 2014
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Nights Coming To PS Vita

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Nights Coming To PS Vita

According to a listing on, Rockstar’s developing a brand new Grand Theft Auto game specifically for PS Vita.

But that’s not all, the listing also showed three other games for Sony latest handheld console: “Monster Hunter Portable 3, Tales Of Innocence R and Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. The page for Monster Hunter Portable 3 remains live on, however GTA: Vice City Nights has been deleted – but not before All Games Beta managed to capture a screenshot of it.

If this turns out to be true, there’s no guessing if Sony’s new handheld will be popular, as GTA and Monster Hunter are two of the most popular franchises to grace gaming. Couple that with Call of Duty that’s already been confirmed for Vita, and you begin to see clearly Sony’s strategy.

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  • nick

    that image there is obviously photoshoped, you can tell by the squashed logo.
    though there will definitely be a GTA game on the vita, just a question of when.
    its a little early though, GTA games tend to release a few years into a devices life when the dev kits are balanced.
    i hope it is based on GTA vice city though, i loved the tropical 80s feel of the game.
    in fact i downloaded it of steam a few days ago.
    by far the best GTA ever made!