Sunday, February 1, 2015
Is Grand Theft Auto V Coming To PS Vita?

Is Grand Theft Auto V Coming To PS Vita?

Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter has dropped a big hint leading us to believe that Grand Theft Auto V might just be coming to PS Vita alongside consoles and PC.

Speaking on Game Trailers’ Bonus Round, Pachter said, “there is one big title on the Vita that hasn’t been announced yet that I was pretty excited about.”

Now, Call of Duty is already confirmed for a Vita release, so too is Bioshock so which game could the analyst be referring to? Maybe Assassin’s Creed? But that’s unlikely, leaving room for one other big title that could really be an upswing the portable console: Grand Theft Auto V.

That, my friends, would be insane.

Thanks, Benzo! Via PSLS.

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  • Ghost250

    how about GTA San Andreas Stories

  • narwall14

    i want a co-op free roam with gta 4 style graphics not that 2006 style

  • Mezzo

    This game could really push the Vita into high gear, i still remember how much fun it was to play (Liberty City Stories & Vice City Stories) on my PSP.
    Can’t afford it right now, but i will buy a Vita someday & would love to get a GTA game with it.

  • nick

    i doubt it will be GTAV especially if the rumours are true getting it to run on the vita would be a massive pain in the a$$ they would have to cut so much stuff!
    imagine how long the battery would last too, i mean mine drags through the battery within 2 hours when im playing uncharted golden abyss, imagine how short this would be!
    definitely getting a GTA game on there, but i doubt it will be V.
    probably a city stories spin off, like all the portable games in the past have been.
    well obviously besides chinatown wars, but that was a totally different top down GTA game so that dont count.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    It could be for Vita, they’d just have to make it work, even if it’s not like the console version.

  • nick

    they could but id be too much work.
    not to mention shrinking down the game to fit on the vitas 4GB cards.

  • narwall14

    well i prefer new engine then some lame old reboot of the same old ones